Differences between this simulation and the real thing

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Differences between this simulation and the real thing

Post by Guest » Thu Feb 17, 2011 12:27 am

Though this could be a nice discussion topic. It is not meant as criticism, or a request for changes to made, because some of this differences make good sense. To get you started, here are some that I found:

Fair chance
Every player is almost equal in the game (except if you buy coins), this is hardly true in the real thing.

Even though the name may suggest this is a Capitalist game, the economy is as more centrally guided then most communist governments dream of...

Just build the housing and they appear from nowhere, they don't seem to need any regular wages, but still they can buy goods at your market stalls.

Large companies
Although I do not have hard data on this, I am quite sure that large companies actually produce more turnover per employee than small companies. This has been justified in discussions that you need administrative staff in large companies, but in reality, this administrative work is done by non-specialist staff that is less effective at doing it, so their productivity is decreased.
A better justification is that small players still stand a fair chance of competing on price on low q goods against large players...

There is probably a lot more, but I leave this to you...

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