a couple of questions

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a couple of questions

Post by Guest » Thu Nov 04, 2010 3:24 pm

Hi fellow traders and denizens of the spirit world.

A few puzzles...

1) What is the difference between selling goods from the farmers market and selling directly from the warehouse?...none/some?

2)I have increased the quality of all of the allocated goods from the cattle farm via the Knowledge page...they all register Q1 on on those pages but when I offer the sale they all register Q0.
What am I missing?

3) When I upgrade building size how can I employ more workers?

4) Do I have to own a guild building/market to sell that guilds/markets goods?

5)_Apart from the help functions in the programme is there a full manual available somewhere?

Appreciate any advice or info...


the Lord of Gloat


Post by Guest » Thu Nov 04, 2010 5:00 pm

good day to u pendragon,

I will try to answer at the best of my little knowledge even if im prety new to this game.
The forum is prety dead for unknown reason since i joined,so lets start with what i know.Hopefully it will still help a little :)

1:When u sell at ur various market stall,u sell to the NPC ( the game itself),while when u sell from ur warehouse there is 2 option... the market where all player buy goods and there is the contract where u need to add a city name.

2:about quality.u need to research higher quality to meet the ratio.
example:Apples quality + water quality divided by 2 will give u ur finished quality on that product.Number are always rounded down.
Hint:since basic mats like water,wood,stone cant be researched u will need higher apple research to increase ur finished quality.
So every quality 2 u will get a quality +1 once the product is finished.
U also need to set the quality in each building.look at the top of the building when u dont produce in it and u will see that u can change the quality up to 127 which is the max quality in game atm.

3:To hire enployee simply add them up with the hire buton beside the quality seting at the top of ur building.
U can have 1 employee for every 10sqm.

4:im not sure what u mean by guild / market stuff.
U can trade among guild member the same way as u do with contract.
There is no special market for guild only.

5:I have searched around as well and there is not much info in the FAQ section or in the in game Help.I personnaly ended up reading almost all the question and help section to build up my knowledge... which realy sux imo.

Hope i could have been of help...

Good luck.


Post by Guest » Thu Nov 04, 2010 5:45 pm

Hi st-henri,

Thanx for your reply...it has made things a lot clearer...I kindda guessed some of the answers in my head but the lack of comprehensive manual made me doubt the obvious and having made the classic mistake of emptying most of my cash reserves I have got to be quite sure what I actually do in the game...
At least for a few days anyway ;-)

So the point of the stall seems to be a guaranteed income...that might take time but will sell eventually!
The higher you price the longer it takes presumably?

Okay Q is +1..sort of depending on the equation...I expect that gets interesting the more technical the product becomes and the more materials are required of different Q levels to decide the eventual Q level of the product you are manufacturing..

I find the individual menus and finding a lowest price a pain...I want to check say the best offer on wool and I have to scroll through two or three pages to find the product on the market page...weird!

The only thing that has really thrown me is the actual pricing...the Q+ products seem to sell at a lower premium then the Q 0 basic stuff.

That I find weird in that I would haver thought that there would be different categories allocated like a lists for Q1 Q2 Q4 Qetc
Meaning if you want quality...go to a list with Q3 or Q4...if you want cheap go the list with Q1.
And that choice of Q level in a product you buy at market would depend on whether you were speculating in the product or required a higher Q level for the product you might be manufacturing?

But it seems not to work that way....!

But I suppose it is a matter of gallomping around getting into strife and trying to getting yourself out of it to see the logic behind the set up!...hopefully!!!

Thanx again

the Lord of Gloat


Post by Guest » Thu Nov 04, 2010 6:08 pm

i will try to enlight u a little,

When u look into the market u can sort product by quality , price etc.
Its the green link at the top of the market list.

For the various price and quality related product it mainly depands if the product can be used for quest ( special building ) or if there is a contest runing (or even expired ).contest items sell for much higher price than normaly.

about quality u produce like u said it will become a little more complex when u have 3-4 product to take into consideration since the output will be divided by 3-4 to get ur final Q product.

When u see on the forum someone saying buying X item for 100 +5q it means 100 for Q0 , 105 for Q1,110 for Q2 and so on.

For ur own stalls the bigger ur stall ( sqm and employee ) the faster u sell ur product in general.
Other factor to calculate is ur price / quality according to the stats that are calculated daily at midnight server time.(takes about 10 min to calculate and server is unavailable during that short period).
another thing that make ur product sells faster is if u have advertisement ( pamphlets ).for this im not sure what is the maximum u can put in ur stalls.All i know according to in game info is that they vanish with time.so always need to replenish them.

Hope it make ur concern a little bit clearer.

P.S:sorry if sometimes my sentence,ponctuation might seem weird.Enlgish is my 2nd language,french being my native tongue.

Enjoy and happy gaming.


Post by Guest » Thu Nov 04, 2010 7:19 pm

Thanx again st-henri,

I see the light ...I think !

Just takes sooooooooo looooooong to get cash at the beginning but it was the same with Molehill empire...where I learnt of this challenge.

Once you get the various non residentials producing I expect the turn over to oincrease with upgrades on the various activities.

In for the long haul methinks...cheers again for the info.

Your English is far better then my French... Je ne sais pas!...;-)


Lord of Gloat


Post by Guest » Thu Nov 04, 2010 8:18 pm

First of all, pick 1 or 2 products to produce and specialize in. Make sure you build the required research buildings so you can research all the ingredients and final products u wanna produce. Then, expand those research buildings so far as you can, while you just keep producing Q0 stuff. Q0 stuff are generally more in demand then the lower Q's (1-10). There's a logical reason for that: you have a maximum number of warehouse slots. If you wanna buy ALL Q's from several products, your warehouse is full within no time. So big players focus mostly on Q0 products and use their own research to incrise the final product.

So, your best option at the begining is to sell your Q0 products to bigger players through contracts (look in the buy-section of this forum), while you expand your own market stalls and research buildings.

When you do start selling products in your own market stalls, make sure you add enough pamflets to get above the 40.000 panfletpoints to gain the maximum effect of pamflets speeding up your sales. Notice pamfletpoints are different then pamflets or their quality. The pamfletpoints are calculated by 1+Q of pamflet. So a pamflet of Q10 adds 11 pamfletpoints.

When buying pamflets from the market remember to calculate wich offer gives you the most pamfletpoints per ct. Personally I always put in 40500 points since they "rain" away slowly but with 500 extra points, it will take several months before they drop below 40k.

Make sure you check out the guilds, they often can offer great advice. Guilds are a group of players/towns who receive an extra in-game channel to talk to each other. Once in awhile you can participate volountary in guild vs guild competitions.

While I'm busy so far, let me invite you to our guild named "Blood Dynasty", which (so far) has only Dutch members (i noticed you were from our great country too). :lol:
We're happy to help you with any more questions you might have. In some games people are actively recruited into guilds because they benefit when other people join. Please remember joining a guild in Kap-Regnum doesn't gain anyone anything. Joining guilds is just for fun and to get in touch with other players. If you rather play the game without guilds, that's no problem at all.

There is also a kapi-regnum.nl world, for if you rather play in dutch. The .nl world is more active, and so are the forums and guilds. Most dutch players who play on the .com world, do this as an extra besides their "main" town in .nl.

Anyway, I start to feel like rambling (there is so much to learn and thus explain) so I better stop now and see if you have any more questions.

Regards / Met vriendelijke groeten,

Utopolis Blood


Post by Guest » Sat Nov 06, 2010 12:30 am

Goedenavond Utopolis Blood,

I thank you for your advice which I found extremely useful.

I am certainly a resident in Holland but I am an Englishman so in effect a real 'Stranger in a strange land'
Your offer of joining a Dutch guild was very appreciated but maybe not really appropriate for me.
I have actually already applied to another Guild a couple of days ago but I have not had any confirmation of acceptance...but we shall see.

I think I really need to get more of a feel for the environment in Kapi-Regnum and just work it from there.
Just the time element can get a tad frustrating..but I suppose that is the point.
Thanks again for the info from everyone it really is a life saver!


lord of Gloat


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Post by Guest » Mon Feb 14, 2011 12:37 pm

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