Wood Producers and SEEEDS group and buyers of these

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Post by Guest » 05.11.2008, 19:13

Companys of this group, we have finally united and found wood producers and seed producers. Now we help each other, I currently stopped selling wood, but now i sell mining products and power.

company: Yared Mining and Power Corp.

Today this is our prices to sell for each other:

Wood 60+1 per 1 Q increase

Stone 22

Steel 133

Power 0.21

Water 0.21

Seeds 0.28+ 0.01 per 1 Q increase

Prices can go up and down, only these prices and trade between us. All stones from me are price 20 caps per stone other tahn these prices as group founder. And now i support others to join us, as this iso ur first accomplishment, and will start with others. Our second accoplishment now is ads and logos. Post here your company logo and post your ads. Try solving your problems by solving others. Start trading! :D

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