Canadian Alliance Trading Co -CATC-

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Post by Guest » 27.06.2007, 01:43

I`m from canada too Nowlan Steel inc. is my company and i`ve got anything that you need to produce steel, and i also produce steel, message me for prices and remind me where you`re from, i`ll get you a good price... GO CANADA GO...


Im you know I am,

Post by Guest » 11.08.2007, 21:52

Hey there,

Im Canadian as well, or was it British? Sometimes I cant get it strait.

Anyway I live in Ontario. I sell power. I have all my power sold in daily contracts right now, but if you find yourself in a pinch for some power Ill see if I can help you.

Lord Black :twisted:
CEO KittenKillers


Toronto Ontario Canada

Post by Guest » 28.08.2007, 16:03

hello fellow canuks

Toronto here, only been playing for about a month now
I sell gas q4 at 15.5 but will sell to Canadians at 14
also wood q 3 at 43.5 for Can's 39.0
stone at 11 for Can's 8.0
i produce many other wares check my showcase for info


Post by Guest » 03.12.2007, 02:37

hey canukers, striker of ALLIANCE INTERNATIONAL (sudbury, ON),
ill take anyone up on offers, im currently looking for suppliers of numerous things, please help, check "Suppliers Wanted" under product purchase (r1) for info.

thanx alot eh,


my offers are posted as "Products" under Product Sale (r1).


Post by Guest » 08.03.2008, 00:08

[quote="CANEX"]Cheap power to Canadian members .05, cheap water .05 if needed post reply here


Did I hear CHEAP power and water???

Oh Canada! EH!


Post by Guest » 09.03.2008, 17:20

I'm from southern ontario.
I make over 200,000 Q22 E-Components daily.


Post by Guest » 06.04.2008, 19:07

I am Canadian, from Nova Scotia. My company name is Canadian Energy Corp. in both realm 1 and 2. I sell oil straight from the Alberta Sands. I am willing to sell for 55c to any Canadian company. (My company is not that good, I haven't played in a long time).

Im canadian eh! i produce 22million power a day and will sell it for 0.07 to canadians!
oh im frome nova scotia but just moved here from vancover
I would love to buy some power sometime (considering it costs .11 on the market in realm 1) I will message you if I need any.


New to the game and getting established

Post by Guest » 12.04.2008, 13:25

Hello all!

Fellow Canuck here! Proud owner of Swingtime Mining Co.

I am at present gearing up to supply Q2 Minerals for the contest (following the advice offered in the FAQ sections for newbies)

In the meantime I have Q0 minerals available (or stones, diamonds, gold, etc)

PM me!


Post by Guest » 25.05.2008, 20:17

Is this trading alliance still active, if so I would like to get the address for the forum. If it's not active anymore I say we make it active again.

[EDIT by GoldenEye: Sorry, but why? We all can trade with people from all over the world. So please give other nations a chance, too! You may build syndicates because you have the same objective, but not because you have the same nationality. And thus this thread is closed.]