Selling contest cert.

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Selling contest cert.

Postby TheNorthWestern » 13.04.2014, 18:07

I just started, and i read some advise on the forum to just send in 1 product to the competition and get a certificate for some starting money.

so here we go.

i got 1 for sale contact me ingame or here to talk about the price.

Company name : TheNorthWestern

Junk Deluxe
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Re: Selling contest cert.

Postby Junk Deluxe » 13.04.2014, 18:46

Welcome to the game :)

With a little patience you should be able to get a good price for the certificate, im not so much into buying those and therefore I cant offer a good price. Let me bid 300 million, but honestly, you shouldnt accept that - its a lousy offer, be a little patient and you can probably at least double the amount or do even better. use my offer as security in case noone shows interest.

Maybe some other companies here can reply and guide you to someone offering more decent prices?

And again - a little patience on those certificates will pay very well.

In case you have any questions about the game feel free to igm me, or just ask the people you see around, there are lota of friendly and helpfull players here
Its a game, have fun

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Re: Selling contest cert.

Postby CiscoDisco » 29.04.2014, 20:51

Ill raise the bid to 650M.

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Re: Selling contest cert.

Postby Geo Holding » 30.04.2014, 19:41

Nice to see that my post helped someone :)