Egg Producers Union the EPU

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Egg Producers Union the EPU

Post by Guest » 07.01.2010, 19:33

Hello, The Moore Trading Company here. I am striving to form a Realm 1 Egg Production Union that will do the following things as an Independent Institution.

1. Strive to regulate to the best of our ability the open market price of eggs that will be fair and balanced for grocery store owners and manufacturers to be able to afford to purchase from the open market. There has been a huge over pricing of eggs on the market. Over pricing is good for the egg producer, but has negative long term impacts on the Kapiland economy overall. I don't suggest making eggs your sole source of income. I also own several large power plants that is the back bone of my dollar, so I can offer fair market prices. I also produce my own seeds, water, and corn to produce the eggs. I do purchase those products occasionally.

2. Form a group of egg producers- Set the price as best as possible. how do we do this? we must first find producers of corn, and water that will contract us those supplies at cheap prices. Most of you wont want to produce the corn and water on your own as that is extra time and investment at first, but cheaper in the long run. so the next best thing is to find 1 or two mass producers of corn and water and get discount rates on those products that will allow us to produce the eggs and sell them at a fair price.

3. We must then include buyers. We have to have people that want our eggs? Who then? GROCERY STORE OWNERS...... I dont own my own Grocery stores because frankly its just to much extra work. I would rather sale them to someone else who can sell them in their store. But we have to sell them at a low enough price that they can sell them in their store and make a profit. 19.00 and egg is a little expensive for any quality.

I need egg producers that are interested in becoming a part of the union to post here.

I need folks who would be interested in extending possible contracts for water and corn to post here.

I need people who have grocery stores and would be interested in buying the EPU eggs to sell in their respectable stores to post here.

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Post by Guest » 08.01.2010, 18:42

new website for those interested in being a union producer, customer, or supplier.

we already have a supplier of corn, a customer, and 1 producer, we need someone to agree to extend small water contracts to us, and we need more producers.

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