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Sell Multiple products @ Market Stalls

Posted: Wed Jan 25, 2012 2:01 pm
by Guest
This is my first time posting a proposal but here goes nothing,

I think a new addition to the game would be the abbility to sell multiple items at the same time in you market stalls, to make things more interesting we can add some constraints (challenges) for this item.

1) Dependancy on the rank (i.e: you can start adding more products when you reach a certain rank)
2) Dependancy on Reputation (i.e: the more reputation points you have, the more slots you can open)
3) Maybe even Quality Levels (i.e: you need to have products at a certain "min quality" to submit to the stall )

I think this will totaly shift the supply/demand equation with in the game, on the free market. and would make players kill @ contests :twisted: