Kapi Regnum's 7th birthday!

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Kapi Regnum's 7th birthday!

Post by SaiZero » Tue Apr 22, 2014 12:52 pm

Kapi Regnum's 7th birthday!

And for this special occasion we will launch a new campaign!

From April 22nd till May 5th you'll be able to find pastry in the bakery. If one of the baking dishes doesn't hold pastries you will get 10 bread for your storage. You'll have 5 tries for free per day, all others will cost you 1 Coin each. However when using coins you can open two baking dishes per try. The table with the baking dishes will be generated once per day, and will allow you to open 15 baking dishes each day. If you collected enough pastries, you'll be able to trade these in for three new status symbols till May 16th.
If you are lucky and you find lots of pastries, you may of course get each status symbol more than once, too .


Let's pop the corks - erm - lids!

Your Kapi Regnum-team

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