Kapi Regnum now linked to English portal!

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Kapi Regnum now linked to English portal!

Post by pearlbay » Thu May 10, 2012 1:27 pm

Dear players,

we are happy to inform you that Kapi Regnum has now been linked to our gaming portal, too!

Register for free on our new portal under:


Our portal already features the English games Free Aqua Zoo (US & UK), Koyotl, Molehill Empire, My Free Farm (US & UK only), My Free Zoo, Kapi Hospital (US & UK), and now, of course, Kapi Regnum, too!

The portal allows you to log in to all your imported game accounts via the same site, and even create new game accounts! Visit the portal to read our latest news, and to meet your friends from all our games. Meet your friends and share your latest results and chitchat.

Now, how does it all work, you may ask? Here is how:

Register for free and click on "Games" and on "Import Account". You will now be asked to select the server you play on, as well as to enter your login-name and password there. The portal will then connect to the game.

You can also create new accounts here - also choose the game you like, the server you want to play on and enter your desired login-details.

To log into the game:

Click on "Myupjers" in the top menu bar, and you will see all your linked games. Clicking the arrow will get you into the game directly.

If you want to log in via the game's login site, please click the portal-button Image and enter your portal login-details.

Please remember: As soon as you import your game accounts to the portal, you will need to log in with your portal-login, not with your regular login-details!

You can also remove already imported accounts - please note, though, that this is only possible if they have been created via the game's login-site, not if they have been created via the Portal!

Deleting your portal-account:

If you really want to delete your portal-account, please make sure to first export your game accounts via the settings. This will remove the link between the portal and your game-account.

And now we'd like to wish you lots of fun with your spanking new portal-account!

Your upjers-team

In case of urgent problems, please use our support form!

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