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General Board Rules

Post by MarcusSchwarz » Thu Oct 18, 2007 11:23 am

  • Be kind to each other. There always is another person at the end of the line, expecting the same respect of you that you yourself demand of your fellow human beings!
  • Publicizing PMs and IGMs is forbidden. Anonymized quotes are excepted, but they should still be avoided. The reason for this is that nobody can truly verify the content and thus denunciations may be facilitated.
  • Denunciations in any form or kind, via new threads, references within signatures or the naming of your personal “blacklist” within the board are unacceptable!
  • Official instructions, statements and PMs made by the moderators are typed in red and do not contain signatures. These are official statements, issued as instructions and do not represent the personal opinion of the moderator.
  • If a thread or an event has become inactive, the author needs to make sure to mark it as CLOSED, so that the team of moderators is able to close it. The original heading should remain, if possible, so that the closed event can still be found and looked up.
  • Your signature should include your city name in c/p-form, so that everyone knows who he is dealing with.
  • Relinks in any kind or form, as image within the signature or as link within the board are unacceptable.
  • Traffic piracy is unacceptable. When linking images a.o., please make sure if this is permitted by the provider. If you do not have the permission, it is still possible to link to the respective site without embedding the picture directly within the board.

Limitations to Signatures
- A maximum amount of 4 lines (lines including images and spaces included)
The images cannot be higher than 150 Pixel.
All of the images together cannot be larger than 50 kB (there are still players using a modems/ISDN connections)
The Signature should not exceed a width of 550 Pixel.
Signatures exceeding this size will be deleated.

Comment: Members of the Kapi-Team may add support buttons to their 4 lines

Trading area: Market place
Auctions (also within the Status board ) - Rules (the following specifications are absolutely necessary)
Final date
The final date has to be announced clearly and precisely. A phrase like “The auction ends 2 days after the first bid” are unaccepatble. Please enter the date your auction closes precisely, down to the very minute. 12.00 i.e. Means, that the last offer may arrive at 11.59. Any offer arriving past 12.00 will be too late. Please make sure to always add time and date to your auction's heading.

Product description
State name, quality and amount of the product

Delivery date
You should always set a delivery date. If a date has not been set, the delivery is expected to take place 12 hours after the ending of the auction, at the latest.

Minimum offer (Optional)
A Minimum offer is optional, but advisable nevertheless. It protects you from making a money-losing business in case of a low demand. If a minimum offer has been set, make sure to always state a definite price. Phrases like “Minimum offer 75%” of the current market value, are too vague and incomprehensible.

Minimum bid (Optional)
A minimum bid isn't bad either, if you want to protect yourself from people only bidding 1¢ more than the bidder before them. In your own interest, however, you should make sure not to set the minimum bid too high, since this may disrupt the auction flow, especially right before the auction closes. With cheap products, an increase of 10 or 50 and with expensive products or status symbols, an increase to 100, 500 or 1000 is acceptable.

Buy Now (Optional)
You can state that products can be bought for a predefined price, if no other offer has been made (just like on ebay). As soon as a bid has been made, this “buy now” option has ended. The price the product rises up to during the auction may even surpass the price set for the “buy now” option. In this case, the amount of money bid has to be paid, not the “buy now “ price.

Make sure you always enter how much money you want to bid during the auction. Simply saying you want to bid does not suffice.
Every product offered must clearly be stated, it does not suffice to say you are selling “everything”, if you are planning to sell more than one product. Make sure to clearly and precisely list what you are planning to sell (no phrases like “everything excpet for xyz and abc and ..”)
If offers do not adhere to the rules, they will be excluded from auctioning

Auctions - Note:
1.You may not change your bid after having sent it. (Typos are typos)
The only way to change that offer is by consulting the moderator. He, however, will only be allowed to interfere, if an auction would otherwise be pointless or could not take place. (i.e. date)
2.The final highest bidder will receive the item/s.
3.If a bid lower than the minimum bid, the auctioneer retains the right to decide if he accepts the offer or ignores it and recalls his offer once the time limit has run out. A written message is not necessary.
4.Further information is always possible, only the minimum requirements are delineated here.
5.If someone outbids themselves, they have to pay for the higher bid.
6.Bids via pm/igm have to be publicized within the thread, including price and city name. Bids unpublished until the auction ends do not count.
7.The option “buy now” is only valid, if expressly stated within the text.
8.The first post must not be edited, in order to ensure that the auction details have not been changed. A *closed* does not have to be added to the title, a date will suffice. If the first post of an auction has been changed within the status symbol board. The auction becomes invalid.
9.The owner as well as the person auctioning are forbidden to bid on the item/s offered.

The maximum amount of different items or packages offered within one auction is limited to 10. No items sold within a package may be otherwise removed or auctioned off as single item.
If auctions do not adhere to those minimum requirements, they will be blocked. We will generally reopen them, as soon as we have the missing data.

If you would like to sell an entire shop window, please do this within the “offer” board. Add a respective price you would like to ask. If the price is not acceptable to the customer, you may still negotiate via IGM. That way the board won't be flooded by mass-auctions and you are able to sell a large amount at one time.

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