[2009-02-04 | 21:00] 6.000 sqm lumberjack

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[2009-02-04 | 21:00] 6.000 sqm lumberjack

Post by Guest » Sun Jan 25, 2009 2:16 pm

Hi there,
i'm offering a 6000sqm lumberjack.
Auction ends on wednesday 4th of february at 9pm (21:00).
Delivery will be within 24h after the end of the auction.

As a special service I offer to buy a building (lumberjack or stone pit) of yours - in case you don't have any slots left!
Conditions listed below.

Starting bid: 250 mio
Increase: 10 mio
Buy it now: 500 mio

Have fun and good luck!

Contact ist Lake Constance

Conditions for rebuy of buildings:
Price will be building costs + 50%.
Buildings costs will be calculated with the following:
- Baron
- wood price of 22ct
- stone price of 22ct
- tools price of 12ct


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Up :roll:


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