"I got bored so I started writing." a love story.

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"I got bored so I started writing." a love story.

Post by Guest » Wed Nov 21, 2007 1:43 pm

Wunder-Kind was sitting outside of his parents pig pen, brooding over his empty stomach. He had not eaten all day except for some figs he had taken from the neighbor’s tree. His mother couldn’t afford to feed him as his father had not returned from trading in the east. The trade caravan was overdue and Wunder wondered if anything had gone wrong. Maybe his fathers trade caravan had been ambushed by some marauding cheaters or a blizzard could have caught them in the mountain pass. Wunder had heard about caravans getting snowed in and the traders getting frozen solid. He was more afraid that the giant chicken would catch his father and strip the flesh from his bones. Wunder would often sit by his father’s side and hear stories of the giant chicken cheaters. Most of them were fat and the smell of pitch would make the area around almost unbearable.

Just then, a loud scream gripped Wunder with fear. It came from over the hill towards a small hamlet which was located near by. Jumping to his feet, Wunder grabbed the pitch fork from beside the barn and ran towards the hill. As he mounted the top of the hill he could see many feathers drifting on the wind and the smell of pitch assaulted his nostrils. A fair maiden lay on her stomach crawling towards a ditch and several very fat giant chickens pranced around throwing sacks of grain between one another. Wunder hated cheaters, hated them ever since his uncle had been sent broke by their treachery. He leapt down the hill waving his fork and hollering “Death to fat chickens!!!”.

The giant chickens all froze for a second and looked up towards Wunder. All of them except one then started running away from Wunder’s advance. The fattest chicken scrabbled around grabbing most of the sacks of grain and then followed the smaller chickens into the forest.

As Wunder approached the young girl, he was struck by her ample beauty. Her eyes, although filled with glistening tears, were as green as emeralds as was her tunic. Wunder soon dropped the fork and stood dumb founded with a look of utter disbelief.

“Aren’t you going to help me up?” asked the girl. Wunder’s mouth hung open for several moments as a slight grin emerged from behind the girls long dark locks. Her eyes locked Wunder in a warm embrace until a feather fell onto his nose and made him sneeze. He clumsily knelt down and offered an outstretched hand to the gorgeous damsel.

“Of,,of cour,, Of course. How silly of me.” said Wunder. As she arose Wunder noticed how her bosom and hips filled his vision. How had he not noticed this girl around the hamlet before? Surely he would not overlook such loveliness. Picking up the three sacks of grain which the giant chickens had left, he placed them on the cart which the girl had been pushing. The girl smiled at Wunder which made his cheeks glow magenta and his eyes fall to the earth beneath their feet. A soft giggle escaped her throat and she placed a hand on Wunder’s arm which made Wunder feel like a deer in the hunter’s bow sights.

“My name is Tamira.” Wunder looked again into her deep green eyes, a slim smile also stretched across his face. “I am Wunder… I live over the hill with my parents.” At that Tamira’s gaze fell away to the forest and her smile vanished. Wunder wondered, “Are you all right?” placing his hand on Tamira’s arm. Tamira looked again into his eyes and another tear flowed down her slightly soiled cheek. Wunder wondered how a face so beautiful could hold so much dirt without his noticing it before. Tamira was covered in muck from the ditch and the sleeves of her undershirt were stained green with grass. How lovely she looked in green.

“I’ll be alright, but I must be getting back to my grandparents house. Papahausen will be waiting for the grain for his next brew. I hope he will not be too upset because I have lost most of it.” Wunder knew Papa as one of the best brewers around. Wunder’s father would spend a few thaler, when trade was good, at the tavern in the hamlet drinking with the locals.

“I will accompany you to your grandparents place and make sure those giant chickens don’t return to steal the rest of his grain.” Tamira smiled sweetly and they both started pushing the cart back to Papahausens brewery.

To be continued…

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