Where the sands have lead to...

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Where the sands have lead to...

Post by Guest » Tue Jan 15, 2008 1:58 am

Chapter 1: The river

For this is a story, happened to a man that could be any of us, all should listen carefully... As it was on a certain place not far from here, all should imagine the rocky soil pierced by a stream of the clearest water ever imaginable.

A little falcon flew up as a young man stumbled towards the water. Thirsty and all dried out, the man was in horrible condition. His hair uncut for months, barely wearing any cloth around his once muscular bodie and his feet protected by two pieces of starved leather.

The man was on the run. For a long time already. What was he running for? How comes he was in such a bad state?
He wanted to forget all that.

It had cost him that much blood and tears, that he wished to never having to look back at it. Looking back at nothing, except at the view of his lovely wife and newborn daughter. "His ladies" he called them... used to call them. The day he had to flee from that murdurous Lord had ruined his life.
And now he had nothing, barely a life worth calling a life. Travelling through the enormous forests of Hillorum, crossing wide rivers and high mountains had cost him all he had left.

'Till that day he went drinking at that river, at that rocky landscape, with that peculiar falcon he had disturbed.

After having some rest, he went sitting next to the river, hoping for an easy-to-catch fish passing over his feet in the water.
No fish he saw, and soon he got bored and started to look around.

If you're wandering for months already, you have plenty of time to look at what you see.

His eye soon was caught by the falcon. Falcons do not usually stare at you from a nearby tree. But this one did. So the two, the man and the falcon, were staring at eachother. As it became almost dark, the falcon flew up to the other side of the river with a brusque gesture. The mans' eyes followed the animal and doing that, he saw a little sandhill at the other bank of the river. He went there to take a look

"It is about time to look for shelter for the night" the man said to the falcon. It felt good talking to somebody after that long.

"T ca use me hut" a little voice suddenly whispered!
The man hurried up, and looked around him with his eyes wide open. Nothing. Trees and rocks, and the sound of the water sliding through the rocky soil.

"No! No! No 'fraid be!"

A young girl came out of what was probably the oldest tree in the entire forest.
"Sssssst, no 'fraid be... Ssssst" she whispered.

The man couldn't believe his own eyes.
"Must be the water, something must have been in that water!" he shouted.
"No, no, not wate', is me" the girl said affraid.

The man cooled down a bit. He never had been very aggressive anyway.
"Who are you?"
"Me Nathasja" "'n' man?"
" nman?" "What do you want to say? I just don't understand much of what you say"

The girl pointed her finger at him.
"Oh me?! you can call me Leo"

The two came somewhat closer to eachother. The girl came down in the tree, the man climbed up the sandhill to sit a bit higher.
And they talked. Or what was suposed to be talking, since the girl defenitly had lost a huge part of her language. After a while the man had come to know the girl long ago had run from her village too, and had built a little hut near that sandhill.
So for that night, Leo had found shelter, a strange young woman in the middle of a huge forest and a heap of sand next to a river...

to be continued ;)
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Post by Guest » Tue Jan 15, 2008 4:27 am

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Chapter 2: The weather

That night, the sky had fallen down under the form of an enormous amount of water. As pretty as the day had been, the night had been wet and even dangerous. Trees had been thrown out, and the river had grown into an unstoppable stream that showed no mercy to nothing.

Three days the storm lasted. Three long and hungry days. The hut the two people had found shelter in barely was big enough for both of them. And the roof of fernleaves was more leak than roof, since most of it had flown away in the wind.

The man did what he could to keep the hut as comfortable as possible. When the weather cooled down a bit, he started gathering dead wood lying around everywhere to fix the roof and to strengthen the walls against the wind. The girl took every chance to go looking for something edible, and came back with all kinds of strange roots, herbs and even a fish she had found near the river. The poor animal must have been thrown out by the aggressiveness of the water.

After the thirth day of surviving both were happy to see the sun coming through the clouds. It was a good sign. Finally they both fell asleep, the girl rolled up in a pretty dry corner of the hut, the man on a heap of branches.

It is not hard to believe that the two lost people had learn soon to help eachother when needed. Little conversations, a little word of comfort, a sudden scream when lightening hit a tree nearby. The two got to know eachother in these bare times, where masks and prejudices had fallen away. They knew they could count on eachother.
The man knew this pobably was his only chance of having a life. A new life. One he could build up himselve, with a helping hand never far away.


Post by Guest » Tue Jan 15, 2008 12:07 pm

Chapter 3: After the rain

Usual stories continu here with "they continued their lifes as before", but in this case there was no life before the storm...

When the man awoke, the girl was away. He arose, and went outside to look for her. But he didn't see the girl. His eyes were caught by something completely different. He saw the landscape. It was... it was... ruined. No other words can describe that view he had. Trees lying everywhere, the river still swollen and aggressively hitting the stones on the banks. And the old tree was gone. Simply gone. A lightening must have hit it, and reduced it to toothpicks.

The man decided he would stay, if Nathasja allowed him to. The fallen trees, the river, the rocky soils and the sandhill. He saw them as one huge project.
"Nathasja!" he shouted.
"Where are you?"
No answer.
Then the man saw the falcon again.
"You must have had a hard time too" the man whispered.

With the girl not around, the man didn't really know what to do. Could he stay? Should he leave?
Leo decided to gather the pieces of wood from the old tree that was exploded to make them a fire. Doing that, his eye fell on a piece with a very strange form.
"From this one I probably can make something axe-like" he tought aloude.
He dropped the gathered wood where he stood, and went looking for a suitable stone. Soon he had something like a tool for cutting the trees into usable pieces.
Like it was the most logical thing on earth, he started fixing the hut. No toughts with it, nothing. Just the man, the selfmade tool and the wood.

He must have been busy for quite a time when the girl returned to her hut. She saw the man working and let him do so. The man noticed the girl, but continued working on the hut. And by the time stars were to be seen in the deep-blue sky, the girl said:
"T'is it, come 'nside"

For the first time in his entire life, Leo had the idea having had a day without a begin. There was the storm and there was the hut. And now there was the night.
Both Leo and Nathasja turned to their spot in the renewed hut; Leo to his nest of branches and the girl to her dry corner.
And the river took care of a calm and relaxing backgroundsound.
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Post by Guest » Tue Jan 15, 2008 12:29 pm

"Chapter 4: The rest of the world"

The days passed by like the clouds in the sky. Leo worked on the hut, Nathasja went away for half of the day and returned with something edible.
And the nights were silent.

A couple of new things were implemented in the landscape soon: Leo made himself a lumberjack, and the girl forsaw the two of them in their need for food by setting up some primitive, wild farm, on which she mainly grew herbs.

One day Leo said to the girl: "Nathasja, please let me stay here 'till the last day of my life."
Nathasja replied him with a simple "hmm"
The man didn't know what think of that, so repeated his humble plea.
"Can i please stay here?"
"You no' had to buil' hut for that"
"No, that was not why this hut is here now!""I think I needed to do that for myself, for knowing I can have good days too."

"You no' did f'r me?" the girl said. And it was hard for Leo to see if the girl meant it dissapointed or not.
"I..." Leo knew this was a dangerous conversation.
"I did all this for whoever wants it" he finally said, not very sure of it himself.
"Thou buil'ng villag?"
"See it like I was building a village, yes." "Maybe that was what I tried to do"

"T'res vill'ge already"
"A village already?" "I know we have been working hard, but this is no village yet!"
"No! Other vill'ge!"

And as she pointed her finger to the west, Leo understood what she meant.

Far in the west, on a hillside with lots of trees, a little building could be distinguished.
Leo could barely breath.
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Post by Guest » Tue Jan 15, 2008 1:06 pm

Chapter 5: The town

Leo could barely wait 'till the next morning to depart to the west. He should and would go see what that building meant. The girl didn't understand completly what he had in mind, but she decided he could not go alone. So together they went.

Once arrived at the building a whole city was to be seen, but that must have been hidden by the trees. The local villagers were happy to see the two coming, as in the middle of the woods not a lot vistitors are found.
"You should see our city-hall!" a boy helped them on their way."There you can find our Lady"

Before they could get at the city-hall, the news of their arrival must have reached it, since many people had gathered there. In the middle a Lady stood, clearly the Lady of that town.
"Welcome to the State of Genovia, travelers." "May your travel have been bright and not too heavy"
"It was not unbearable, altough a long way"
Leo answered
"We are Leo and Nathasja, from the town of..." He hesitated.

They were from nowhere. They had no town. They had their hut, and the lumberjack and the herbfields. But they were with the two of them, and had no name for their place.

"We are from the newborn Town of Sandville" He said, seeing the people were waiting. "The village on the sandhill" he tought "that doesn't sound too bad"
"It is a small place to the east, where we have set up our home. We came to see..."
"Why are we here in fact" Leo tought. He couldn't think fast enough for all these things, and started sweating and blushing like an apple.

The Lady saw the travelers' uneasiness, and asked them to follow her inside.

"I am Lady Victoria" she stated, "and head of this State of Genovia"
"Feel easier here inside, and calm down." "I am looking forward to hear your story"

And so Leo told about his wandering, about the storm and about his lumberjack and the girl's herbfields.
Only one thing he tried not to mention. Nathasja. He still didn't know who she was, and where she came from or... And Nathasja herself didn't say much. It might have been the fear of talking to these people, might have been her incomplete language, as well as it might have been more than that...

Suddenly Leo came up with a wonderfull idea.
"Lady Victoria" he said,"perhaps our Towns can set up a little trade?""It might benefit both towns."
"At present we are endorsing quite a few high-valued contracts"
the lady replied, "nevertheless we would be happy to get any of your business offers presented in the near future.""Also, you should try out the many other States around, we are convinced that in the very near future you might find a suitable business partner in them too."

Leo could barely keep his head cool, and even Nathasja started to blush by hearing these words. This was a very promising conversation!
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Post by Guest » Tue Jan 15, 2008 1:19 pm

Chapter 6: The Town of Sandville

And thus it happened that Leo and Nathasja got known by the nearby villages. The land they had placed their Sandville on, was free land, not in use by anybody. So they arranged everything to claim it, and made further trade-proposals in several towns.

The wood they produced was sold merely, as were the herbs.
After a while they got people asking for work, and soon their sandhille became a true Town, with the name of Sandville.
A local mining company was started up, and the village grew every day. Stone was exported, and the Town started to thrive.

And saying it all started with a falcon, a river and an enormous storm...

Note to the public: This is not the end of this story. The town still grows, and produces lots of stuff. Every now and then new buildings are completed and production rises daily. Perhaps one day you pass throught that town. Then don't forget to ask about the quality wood and stones, and taste the sweet herbs with a glass of wine offered to you by the Town of Sandville.

Some sentences out this text are copied from a text written not by me. Words said by the "Lady of Genovia" are most probable written by herself.
For this I wish to thank you, Lady Victoria, from the state of Genovia


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