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Ubuntu rises from the ocean

Posted: Tue Feb 21, 2012 12:57 am
by Guest
In 22nd century there was a natural disaster which eradicated the most of the colony - Earth-like world. The survivers gathered together in small groups on the nameless continent that rose from the ocean during the disaster. For a thousand years the Man kind lived there in peace, forgotten by all species, slowly growing in numbers.
In 32nd century there was a powerful quake that shook the whole continent for a day. After it was finished the very few survivers found an uncovered iron chamber on the far side of the continent. There was a giant "U" on its gate. Inside they found a big sign which read "Ubuntu". There was also a symbol below the inscription. It was a strange circle with 3 dots on it.
On that day a religion was born - one which worshipped God Ubuntu, people accepted the circle as His divine symbol and named their main village after God Ubuntu.