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Alliance of Friendship - AoF

Posted: Tue Mar 24, 2009 1:01 pm
by Guest
I would like to declare to the Kapi World at large of an alliance of friendship between the Guilds BoF, IFT, USB and M&M.

While we renew and reiterate the partnership with the IFT, we also welcome the guild USB led by the Lady of Xanthia to the noble alliance. A former esteemed member of BoF - Darkness has founded M&M, they are formally welcomed into the alliance.

I remind all chiefs and guild leaders that the external guild board is an excellent place to trade and post offers without the risk of losing them in the usually cluttered in-game guild boards. Also a great place to trade and make requests, share ideas!

The AoF have very similar principles and like to work for the benefit of members and other friendly cities alike. We are proud to be able to formalise this pact.

PK, Guildmaster of BoF and patron to the AoF