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National Lumber Union

Posted: Tue Nov 18, 2008 7:54 am
by Guest
I am Mayor of the newly formed township Lumberton. I am going to form a guild in the coming week called the National Lumber Union. We will use the Union to work together as Wood producers, Cabinet Producers, Chairs, you name it. Anything that originates from our Lumberjacks at our sawmills. We will establish a set price for our product that will be Union wide. The prices will be fair to other players. We will meet periodicly via forum to move our prices as need be to be competitive on the open market. The most important part of being a member of the Union will be that we must stick together in everything that we do. If you are interested in Becoming a member of this soon coming Union. Please respond here. I will need other lumber producers to help take the lead in this Union as I am fairly new to this game. However I have played Kapilands original for some time now. Thanks

National Lumber Union :lol: