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Armourers' Guild [ARM]

Post by Guest » Tue Jun 03, 2008 8:45 pm

Greetings to Everybody!

I posted this topic, because I saw, that the selling prices of the arms dealers' products are very fluctuating. I think we should pump up the prices a bit, but this requires collaboration.
The main goal would be to increase the average selling prices. If we do this, we will be able to sell our products at higher prices day after day, making more and more profit. This sounds good isn't it?
But how can we do this?
We should sell our products at least at the price, which is shown as the average price under the stats menu. That's better, if we can sell even more expensive.
The cities, who are joining this guild, will sell their products at least for that price, which is the average price shown in the games stats menu. This way, we are trying to keep prices on a reasonable value.
Also we can help each other out with different products, and materials, with better prices than the market has.

I'm gladly waiting for opinions, comments, and even corrections, if my imagination has mistakes.
I hope that several cities will join this guild, and we will be able to reach good prices.
If you have any questions or comments, post here, or send a pigeon to the city: Coldernville
If you want to join, request a membership in game to the Armourers Guild [ARM], or send a pigeon to the city: Coldernville
You should also get in contact with me, if you don't want to join [ARM], or you are member of another guild yet, in order to let me know, how many cities working together with the price conditions above.

Thank you for your interest shown to our guild, have a good game!

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