Timezone for Auctions

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Timezone for Auctions

Post by MarcusSchwarz » Thu Oct 18, 2007 12:07 pm

Hello all together!

Due to the fact that this game is an international one with players from all over the world it is necessary to agree on a timezone for auctions.
The auctions depend on servertime.
In our opinion this is the easiest solution as you can check your own time and compare it with the servertime-clock (top left corner in the forum or in your ingame-profile).
Thus everyone should be able to see when the auction will end and misunderstandings due to time problems should not happen. 8)
The time that is shown in the postings is NOT the time that the auctions depend on because this time varies from user to user (according to the timezone they set in their forum-profile).
May I give you an advice?
Go into your forum profile and set the time to GMT+2 (which is the servertime on which the auctions now depend). Thus we should be able to avoid time confusions.

This rule is binding for all auctions. Even if a user wants to depend his or her auction on another timezone everyone can refer to this thread.
All auctions in this forum depend on servertime - there won't be any exceptions!
Auctions in which someone writes about another timezone for his thread, will get closed in order to avoid any confusions about this point.

And a final word: Servertime is the same as the German time. You can check the current German time here: Click!

Thank you for your cooperation!