Untradeable Status Symbols

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Untradeable Status Symbols

Post by Guest » Wed Jun 18, 2008 11:32 am

With the release of the new Status Symbols, and Royal Quality Institute, some people have already discovered a few items are untradeable either via Contract, or on the Market.

This post is simply to note which items cannot be traded either via the Market, or Contract.

Do note that this is by no means an exhaustible list. There may be a few items some of you are familiar with from other servers that haven't been used on here yet, and other items that haven't been released at all that are also untradeable.

This list will be updated as the items become publicly available;
  • Penna Aureum
  • Philosopher's Stone
  • Certificate of Master of Research
  • Small bag of Pepper
  • Signet Seal
  • Guild's Ring
  • Golden disc of the World
  • Heart engraved in Wood
  • Egg of Columbus
  • Asisa's Box of Miracles**
  • Obla Medal**
* Pending confirmation for Certificate Wonder of the World
**These items do not actually exist on the English Server; both were given only to two special players.