Selling salt meat production chain research for *dirt cheap*

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Selling salt meat production chain research for *dirt cheap*

Post by Guest » Fri Jul 08, 2011 7:14 pm

I tried maintaining a salt meat industry for a bit when my city was smaller - it was fun, but I don't have the infrastructure to do that and everything else I wanted to, so now I have a collection of relatively low-Q research for salt-meat-related stuff that I don't need for anything else. I could just sell it back to the game, but since it's all for making the same product, I figured I'd see if there was anyone who wanted to start a salt meat industry who had some more free building spots, who wanted to buy it all for at least the price the game will give me for it.

FWIW: Optimal infrastructure for making salt meat entirely in-house except for the water and utilizing every building equally works out to be mostly farms, and depends on how many farms you're willing to build (for example, 25 farms to 10 cattle farms, 4 butcheries and 3 caravans). I have a spreadsheet here for optimizing production (edit the times in the B column, the number of farms in K2, and the amount of salt meat in Z28) because I'm working on a 100% salt meat city on one of the German servers when I have the time.

Anyway, the game wants a measly 156,575 cT for all of this research. All you have to do is pay me more than that and buy all of it. Send an IGM to Jesurya if interested.

Research for sale:
salt Q11
spices Q11
pigs Q9
salt meat Q9
dried meat Q9
wool Q8
carpets Q7
horses Q7
bread Q6

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