[Sell] 35000000 unit of Q0 fishes.

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[Sell] 35000000 unit of Q0 fishes.

Postby banana enterprise » Wed May 13, 2009 11:58 am

Now I have 35 millions of fishes. That is, about 35000000 unit of fishes in my warehouse. Although those fishes are mixed at any quality, from 20 to 35. But I could make it to Q0 ones.

I hope I could find someone willing to pay me a reasonable price... Coins is more prefered.

Maybe you could ask me that why I don't join this contest. My answer is... Now I am very enjoying the game, that is "MMO, Dead Frontier", which you are alive but all other people were zombies, eager to bit you.

That is very exciting game, I am loving it

If someone also play that game, I could exchange this game's money to your money in MMO, dead frontier.

Please contact me for more details, thanks!
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