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Post by Guest » Mon Feb 23, 2009 7:37 pm

The City of Gamblinshire will soon be granted a bronze medal of the last shoe contest. Without the help of supporters and suppliers that would have never ever happenend. Pondering about how to express their gratefulness, the guild masters of the town chose to let a renowned artist of the town create an object of honor, a symbol of gratitude - an item just to say "thank you" . The Artist chose to create an egg -( for reason he keeps on not telling us - so we will probably never know.)

As the egg was made ready for delivery, the guild members realised that didn´t even know who should receive THE EGG first. After 2 days of discussing and thinking about the matter, they decided instead of making a dozen or so eggs for a dozen or so cities, they name this egg "The Wandering Egg Of Gratitude" and let the egg travel from town to town.

Egg Deleted!

The rules for the Wandering Egg (similar to challenge cup) are simple: If you received the egg (clear text: an egg of columbus was sent to you), you can keep it 10 days at the most. In this 10 days you can admire the egg in your shop window and then pass it on to a city you think worthy of the Egg. It would be very welcome if you´d send a post here in this thread and mention whom you send the egg to and why.

Hopefully this list of "The Cities Honored with The Wandering Egg" will be growing fast! :

1. Littlewoman - Haltonhills
2. Burrabadoo - Burrabadoo
3. pk - ferntree gully
4. Permafrost
5. Image
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Post by Guest » Mon Feb 23, 2009 7:43 pm

I'm proud and moved to send the egg to Haltonhills. Littlewoman has been the first, who ordered a banner in my banner workshop, she has been the first who helped me when the dark shape visited me, - and she has been the first who assured me her support during the contest. Its only appropriate and deserved that she ´s the first who gets the Wandering Egg of Gratitude

Egg deleted!

Thank You, Littlewoman!!!!!!!!!!
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Post by Guest » Mon Feb 23, 2009 8:48 pm

wow, well Count Count... Your the first one in Kapi to make me cry!

I thought recieving the egg was nice... Holy smokes!!!

You are just, well, the finest Count I have ever met!

It will be a pleasure to pass the egg along... It will take 10 days to decide who I will send it to... It won't be an easy task... Or wait, maybe it will... One city comes to mind as a shinning star!!!

One egg, I am going to keep it to look at and admire for a couple of hours or days!!!

the littlewoman xoxoxoxox

ps. I think the golden hen layed this egg....


Post by Guest » Sat Feb 28, 2009 6:28 pm

I have been having a really hard time letting go of this egg!!!!
It has been a pleasure to look at... It has given me many smiles and warm fuzzys....

I look forward to seeing the journey it will take and so have decided to pass it along...

I won't be the only one to miss it... That tiger looks kind of snarly every time I go to the storehouse... I will just make sure he is in the tavern when I send it...

My choice was easy, I thought of people who have been supplying me beets, books, shelves - they all deserve the egg... My room mate - introduced me to this game - he deserves the egg... Elwood, for all the start up help early in the game, certainly deserves the egg...

But over all my time in Kapi there has been one city who has gone over and above being helpful,
I met him buying his shoes at the market - they were always a good price... He offered to keep sending me shoes when he changed his production while I found a way to keep my drapers going....
He led me to cities who would buy my wares and with pricing. This list could go on and on...
Most recently he has been very helpful in helping me expand my city. His hard work is visible in my city!
He is delightful to chat with and truly deserving of recognition...
Thank you Burrabadoo !!!!
Thank you too, Count Count !!!!

The littlewoman xoxoxox


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Post by Guest » Fri Mar 13, 2009 11:16 pm

I sent it - really - I did....

I do know that my friend was having a very hard time choosing just one city...

You don't suppose he broke it do you???



Post by Guest » Sat Mar 14, 2009 1:22 am

well, easter is only 3 weeks away, but maybe he can find the egg and a city a tiny little bit earlier? :shock:


Post by Guest » Sun Mar 15, 2009 4:33 am

:lol: check beside your medal .... maybe he buried it to :lol:


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Post by Guest » Wed Mar 18, 2009 3:35 am

Count Count wrote:Image
ahaaa... LMAO.. I can't stop laughing... hehe.. :lol:


Post by Guest » Wed Mar 18, 2009 2:36 pm

My sincere apologies - I just got busy and cannot even find the details of my forum account!!!

Anyway, I think this egg is a wonderful idea and I am VERY grateful to my friend Haltonhills. It has been wonderful making new friends around the world

I have sent the egg to Ferntree Gully

I have chatted regularly with PK and he has been a great help on many occassions. I have often been short of supplies and he has come to my resuce. And what is more important - he is the only other person on Kapi who I have met who understands the wonderful sport of cricket!! There have been several other towns that came to mind - I still have a couple of people who have been faithfully supplying me goods for well over a year now. I notice Haltonhills mentioned Elmwood who I have been working with since the early days. I also keep recieving truck loads of wood every week from Duesseldorf We hardly ever chat but they have faithfully stuck with me :)



Post by Guest » Wed Mar 18, 2009 4:30 pm

Oh Count Count.... That is so funny,,, My roomate and I were on the phone and he just started a roar of laughter right in the middle of me saying something very important - I can't seem to remember what that was now, but... We watched it together for some time...

That certainly is the most expressive smiley yet!!!

Congradulations pk...

This idea of the wandering egg is very entertaining... It has been alot of fun!!!

See, it was a good thing Burrabadoo kept it so long.... It's all just to funny... I'm lovin it...

Thank-you Count! xoxox
the littlewoman xoxox


Post by Guest » Wed Mar 18, 2009 4:40 pm

I am... well,... extremely humbled... My friends in Kapi give me such immense pleasure and all the scheming, plotting, building, helping, gifting we do makes it just.... wonderful.

Shane has been an amazing friend in this game! and, yes,... cricket :D Its great to comment on both the poor and awesome form of our team.. hehe,... though, admittedly, he is a major fan while I more or less follow while convenient :) I have received great partnership and help from him. The absolutely cool, non-fussy, easygoing bloke I could've imagined. And now, this, is an honour, Thank You :)

Considering the tradition being set, It would be very very hard to pass it on... to choose that is... I'd like to thank an un-nameable (I forgot) city that sold a lot of assets to me and friends when they left the game... This person was a true gem who acted out of nothing more than common politeness and a very good humour. I'd like to dedicate this egg to him. If I had a first choice, it would be him, not possible since he left! But his contribution to me and many members of my guild, friends who might not even realise that he helped them (through me), is truly worthy of gratitude. Now I'll have to find another worthy of it, a most difficult task to choose among so many people who have been great.


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