How to report possible cheaters

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How to report possible cheaters

Post by Guest » Fri Dec 21, 2007 12:43 am

Here is a little guide how you should report cities that are possibly cheating!

Send a P.M. to one of the moderators.
Please include in your message the name of the city, the user id and the reason why you think the city might be cheating.

Where can I find the user id?
On the statistics page you can "search for a city". This search will lead you to the info screen of the city. If you now move the pointer to the link "shop window", it will display the link in the bottom of the browser window. If it does not, right click and chose "copy link location". Now paste the link in any text window, e.g. an in game message or a forum message. The link ends with "...user=xxx", where xxx is of course the user id. Try searching for "Blues City" and you will find the id 127.