Information please!

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Information please!

Post by Guest » Sun Nov 13, 2011 7:29 pm

Hi everybody! I'm kind of lost with this game... first, i "made" some deer in the cattle farm but when i brought it to the market, it didnt show up. i could only sell it through the warehouse. secondly, at the office, there are people saying things like "Researching taking too lon? Let me research for you!" and "I'll buy coins!". How can somebody research for you and how do you sell things specifically to other people or sell houses like "lodge of the master mill"? please help! i just need general information on everything. the tutorial wasnt the most helpful

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Post by Bartolome » Sun Nov 13, 2011 10:27 pm

well to start off you can only sell deer at the open market .. in your storehouse choose the amount of deer you want to sell then at the bottem of the page in the left whit box you enter a price you wish to have for them (check the market first for average price in same q) .. then just send ;)

"researching for you" .. means that that city will do the desired research for you and sell ,that researched q level, to you by contract. ;)

third, you need to be level councillor befor you can sell buildings (also access the buildings market) .. how ever you are able to buy buildings from other players if they send them directly to you by contract. ;)

hope this helps

should you have more questins ,feel free to contact me in game via dove

cheers Bartolome of Freimettigen 8)

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