Prices on the marketplace

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Prices on the marketplace

Post by Guest » Thu Feb 10, 2011 2:10 am

I was just wondering about something. It seems that things work a bit differently in this game, compared to other games I've played, such as Simunomics. In Simunomics, prices on the market are much lower than those you would set if you sold to the computer. In Kapi Regnum the opposite seems to be the case. Market prices are set high by players. I would expect for something to be cheap on the market, so that another player can just buy them and sell them at a profit in the Farmers Market, or whichever flavor market he has. Does anyone know why it's not like this?



Post by Guest » Thu Feb 10, 2011 4:20 am

Once you get bigger markets, you can sell to the computer for quite a lot more than the price/quality list might indicate. I don't know if all the goods have this, but at least the more common ones, like beer, have a maximum amount that price will get. So I might be able to sell my beer for 500cts and still get an amazing throughput, even though the list will only ever say 333.33 cts.

That may not explain it all, though. I have only poked my nose in another server, and the prices there seemed much more competitive than here. With fewer players than the more heavily populated Kapi-regnum servers, it means supply can't always keep up with demand here.

I've found that having an active guild helps tons in getting reasonable prices for goods you need but can't afford the market prices for. It can also be helpful to post on the products for sale board. Sometimes people would rather have a consistent but lower price for sure, rather than the uncertainty of selling on the market.


Post by Guest » Thu Feb 10, 2011 5:06 am

I see, that makes sense, thanks. So essentially in the beginning it is better to sell to the Marketplace. Then, as your own markets get bigger, then you switch over.

I actually experimented with pears today. The cheapest pears were at around 100 for 0 quality. I had quality 2 and put 1000 of them on the market for the price of 40, which was still higher than what I was selling them for in my fruit market. Needless to say, they sold like hot cakes. So I may keep doing that until my fruit market is large enough, even if it means undercutting everyone by a lot.


Post by Guest » Thu Feb 10, 2011 2:37 pm

Yep, selling directly to players or on the market is much more profitable until your own stalls are big enough to handle a good throughput. (I'd say at least 1000sqm, preferably more, if you're really looking to maximize profit.) Some of my guild members (MLT, if you're in the market for a guild :wink: ) don't bother much with the stalls at all, just selling to other players. :)

Oh, one other thing to note, especially in the lower-level qualities. There is a pretty big market for the goods delivered to the special buildings. Doing these deliveries raises reputation only, so it's primarily a later-game thing, once players have their other buildings maxed and huge amounts of income rolling in. Given the variety of the goods most of the special buildings take, most players don't try to produce all their own goods. Instead, they'll buy from other players or on the market. For these types of purchases, they're less concerned about the cost/selling ratio, since they're just giving it away. The main concern is to make sure that the quality is the same for their deliveries. That's why you'll see a lot of players buying only Q0 of a good--it's easier than trying to keep track of lots of different qualities. (For those who are buying for their own productions, a similar thought process holds true, but they are likely more concerned with the cost of what they're buying.) Most players find that it's easier and more profitable to produce Q0 goods at first to meet those demands. (Or even later down the road!)

So, another potential wrinkle there. Not all goods are used in the special buildings, or aren't used in further productions (I think pears are a good example, whereas grapes can be used to make wine), so knowing where the goods may end up can help you decide what quality to make and sell it at.

Hope I didn't just make your brain explode! : :shock:


Post by Guest » Thu Feb 10, 2011 3:28 pm

No, that makes perfect sense, thanks for the info. Although I am bummed that I need that big of a market to sell profitably. I only have a 50sqm one :(


Post by Guest » Sun Feb 13, 2011 4:03 pm

Once you start getting a good income flow from selling, you can start buying buildings. While you only have access to the building market at a certain level (can't remember which one off the top of my head), you can buy buildings directly from players. I do a combination of upgrading my own buildings and buying from others. When I buy a bigger building, I usually try to sell off the smaller one to smaller cities, and I think many players do the same.


Post by Guest » Sun Feb 13, 2011 10:02 pm

Advertising hasn't been mentioned yet as a means to sell more with your market stalls. Even for a 50sqm market, advertising generally pays back, as you can triples your sales with it.
Look up threads about advertising and pamphlets.


Re: Prices on the marketplace

Post by Guest » Fri Jan 20, 2012 10:46 am

@ Godrik,

hey Godrik , I specialize in upgrading/selling buildings - the catch is my prices are alot less than the prices you see @ the market and another good thing is when you want to upgrade your buildings for larger ones, i can help you upgrade and buy your old buildings.

Based on your previous threads I can tell you that I have a 500 sqm fruit market that I can sell you for a fairly good price if you're interested.

This way you wont stop selling, you wont waste your wood/stones/tools on upgrades of buildings, and you might not even wish to replace your stone pit or lumberjack for another wealth generating buildings. either way if you're interested send me a dove "city name: Kapi-Real Estate"

@ Elantris,

can you let me know when you're selling your old buildings :0 thnx


Re: Prices on the marketplace

Post by Guest » Tue Jan 24, 2012 2:45 am

Elantris (jediping) has hit this on the head, as she usually does.

There are two other points I will make here,(at least):

First is that high quality will bring higher prices and faster sales in those private market stalls, so some of the prices you see reflect that. The difference between a q15 and a q45 can be dramatic. The down side to that is people who don't know that putting less attractive offerings on the market at the same kind of prices.

Next, some people don't get that a profit margin has to be built into much of what they are trying to sell. They will offer a product at 90% of what it can be sold for, and never understand why it languishes on the market for ever.

Finally, many newer players will see a price of 5000cT for a batch of geese q6 (just to make something up) and price their own geese q9 out there at that price and not realize that the q6 was a leftover from a contest. Contest goods sell for much higher prices, and no one ever cleans the market off (probably too busy looking for a place to sell BOOKS and INCENSE). 8)

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