Tutorial messages

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Tutorial messages

Post by pearlbay » Wed Nov 07, 2007 5:09 pm

Tutorial messages

For everyone who preferred to play the game without a tutorial and those players who need a tiny refresher course - a Kapi Regnum 101, if you will ... here are the Tutorial messages as displayed within the game.

Message 1/10

Welcome to Kapi Regnum!

I am glad that you are here to help us cultivate the maltreated lands of our fathers! will help you find your way in this game. On the left hand side you will find the name of your city, as well as your cash. You will also find your dovecote there. Visit the dovecote to read and send messages!

You will learn the meaning of the other symbols on touching them with your mouse pointer. Afterwards, a description will appear on the parchment in the upper left corner. [You will need to activate JavaScript in your browser!]

You will spend the following minutes playing the tutorial. Whenever you have successfully finished a task, I will send you another pigeon with a new message.


Message 2/10

Your first building

Your population is starving. So don't lose any time and start producing food now.
I will now show you how to master your first steps in Kapi Regnum. At the end of the tutorial you will be able to chose your own path.
At first you should build a farm, to be able to cultivate different goods.

Please visit your city hall, choose "build non-residential buildings" and start building a farm. Please note: In this tutorial the farm will be available as soon as you build it, later on your workers will need some time to construct a building!

[Please click on the icon "city hall" in the main menu]

As soon as the farm is ready, return to the dovecote, where the next pigeon will be waiting for you.'


Message 3/10

Residential buildings

You have successfully made the first step in recultivating the lands, I congratulate you!
At your farm you will recruit two farmers. These farmers and their families will need a place to live and sleep. This is why you have to build residential buildings in your city hall.

Besides the dwelling you can also build quarters and even a district to house your menials and maidservants. Make sure that your people always have enough accommodation, otherwise you won't be able to hire additional employees in new or upgraded buildings! But note: If there are too many unemployed citizens, you will risk famine and uproars!

[Please click on the icon "city hall" in the main menu]

Note: You will need workers as soon as you have constructed a new building or upgraded an existing one.


Message 4/10


Excellent, you are a natural! Now I would like to show you how to hire and fire people. How many people you may employ in a building depends on the building's type and size. As rule of thumb you should remember: One worker per 10 sqm.

Now please visit your farm (in order to do this, click on "ready" next to the farm) There you will employ two people. On the uppermost line of the farm-page you will find a field called "employees" which shows you, how many people are working in this building right now.

[click on "workshops" in the main menu]

Click on "change" and hire two farmers. Please note that you will have to pay a one-time training-fee per new employee! Once this is done a new pigeon will be waiting for you.


Message 5/10

Your first production

Well done, you have managed your first tasks successfully Now hasten back to your farm.

[click on "workshops" in the main menu]

Now you can see what you can produce in this building and which raw materials you will need. We will start by cultivating some beets. All we need to do this, is some water for every beet. Please enter the number "10" into the field next to the beets, to instruct your farmers to produce 10 beets. Don't forget to click "produce now"!

Please instruct your farmers now. After this has been successfully done, the next pigeon will be waiting for you!


Message 6/10

Cattle breeding

't is time to breed some goats.

Please visit the cattle farm, that I had built for you in the meantime.

[click on "workshops" in the main menu above]

Now please instruct the <b>breeding of 100 goats. Note that you will need water and beets for that. Fortunately your workers will find both in your storehouse. I am sure you will pass this task as well. If you are not sure what to do, the message "Your first production (5/10)" could give you a hint.>

Once this is done a new pigeon will be waiting for you.


Message 7/10

Market stalls

Your breeders have bred the goats by now, so let's start selling them to earn some money.
I have already had a farmers' market built for you and hired employees, enabling you to sell your goats. So please visit your farmers' market now.

[click on "selling" in the main menu above]

To bring the goats to your farmers market click "change" on the line "on sale". Now you can see what products can be delivered from your storehouse to your booth. You only can see products which you have on stock right now. You may only sell one product at a time at a booth. Currently you only have the goats ready for sale.

Please enter "100" into the field "quantity". As price please enter "200", we will change that later on. Now click "do it" and watch carefully how the display of your selling booth has changed. As soon as you have completed this task, I will explain the stall's display to you.


Message 8/10

Market stalls 2

Congratulations, now you know how to earn money to expand your city! Your maidservant will explain the market stall.
You can see 4 different lines in your stall.

The uppermost line shows you how many goods are being sold at the moment. The longer the bar, the fuller the stall. Right now, you only have a few goats for sale.

The second line shows how satisfied the customers are with the price you charge for your goods.

The third line hows how successful the advertisement for your stall is.

The last line shows the total customer satisfaction.

Now change the price of your goats. Please click the corresponding link on the second line. This time charge 100 Thaler and again watch carefully how the display changes.

As soon as this is done you will receive the next pigeon.


Message 9/10

Guild masters

To increase the quality of your products you will have to research them. To be able to research your products, you will have to employ guild masters. Of course you will have to build the corresponding lodges first, to attract these highly specialized workers

To research goats you will need a lodge of master breeders. I have already built this one for you.

Now please visit this lodge. [click on "knowledge" in the main menu]

I already hired two masters for you, for their training is really expensive! Now you can start to research goats immediately.

Start researching goats by clicking the corresponding link!

Please note: Some goods cannot be researched in Kapi Regnum. As soon as you have started the research, return to your dovecote!


Message 10/10

Market place and transport costs

Congratulations! Now you are ready to raise the city on your own!

You can sell your goods not only at your market stalls, but also to other players at the market place or via contract. In the chat or the official games board [available through the office menu] many other players are waiting for you to do business!

From your storehouse you can send your goods to the market place as well as to other players (via contract)!

I'd like to advise you to build a well and a farm or a lumberjack first, to set up a provision with basic supplies as soon as possible.

Now you know everything to turn your humble village into a blooming metropolis!