Feasability of a Livestock organization?

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Feasability of a Livestock organization?

Post by Guest » 30.08.2007, 00:28

I was wondering how likely it would be for livestock owners too band together to sell thier products.

By livestock I count:



The trick I think would to have corn farmers in it also, so that they could provide corn cheaper, but still make a profit.

Though truelly, I think that it is best to grow ones own corn, own water, and s on. thats what I do.

Would anyone be interested in such an instistuon to help find markets for thier products or educaing them better in how to make more of a profit?


Post by Guest » 30.08.2007, 01:34

it aint going to happen, getting ALL the cattle-breeding makers to ban together, it was like when someone wanted to boycoot power so it would go up .02 to 0.04 in price so they could make more profit, so if you think you got them all then you can igm me and i will think about it