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Post by Guest » 26.07.2007, 12:03

Never mind got that bit, now when I put the text into my avatar box it says:

The avatar must be less than 80 pixels wide and 80 pixels high


Post by Guest » 28.07.2007, 07:07

Never mind, figured it out now. :)


Post by Guest » 14.08.2007, 20:50

but where do you go to get the banner and where do you put the code so it appears in the forum



Post by Guest » 23.08.2007, 15:42




Post by Guest » 02.09.2007, 22:25

i cant do it

EDIT: i can do it now
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Post by Guest » 09.09.2007, 17:01

test worky? yay, worky!


Post by Guest » 25.10.2007, 13:25

dear morgil.... could you please create this statsbanner also for the second realm? :wink:


Post by Guest » 26.10.2007, 14:27

Of course I'm going to make that banner, but the person who gives me the data first has to establish the data source. So I beg your patience and I hope that I will soon get the new data.:)


Post by Guest » 26.10.2007, 15:30

yay!! thanks morgil!! :D


Post by Guest » 29.10.2007, 15:44

Now it works! To use the banner, use the same addresses as in the first post, but with en2_ instead of en_.

Code: Select all


All the other functions like font styles and colors also work as described above :)
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Post by Guest » 02.11.2007, 14:33

hey morgil i want to keep both my statbanners and my banner too but i am not allowed to do that. cudnt u make it like the german version??



Post by Guest » 09.11.2007, 20:44

tes banner


Post by Guest » 18.01.2008, 14:27

Is there any way I can decide which research building stats the banner displays ?

It seems to be the first I build up, in my case.


Post by Guest » 18.01.2008, 17:15



Post by Guest » 19.01.2008, 15:35

the statsbanner normally shows your highest quality - if you have 2 researches with the same q the one first reached the level is shown
it's the same as in your showcase, and the statsbanner an't change any informations

have you read the red text in the bottom of your banner?
and perhaps morgil should also change the first posting in here? :wink:

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