Kapilands Revival Group (KRG)

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Kapilands Revival Group (KRG)

Post by Guest » 08.09.2015, 18:37

Hello everyone!

This group is dedicated to bring back Kapilands to the way it was before, where we used to enjoy high competition, varying prices, a good economy and most importantly, much more active players! In order to keep this group going, it needs a lot of cooperation from big companies and small companies, and advertising more to other people about the game since it has very low activity. Moreover, big companies should dedicate part of their production to producing stuff that will actually contribute to the revival of Kapilands, such as basic raw materials like glass, rubber, seeds, food raw material and other products. This will take part of your huge profit, but if you think about it, it might be worth it as it is getting back the game to the way it was as you are encouraging people to pursue various industries now that material is available and it is available at a good price. Furthermore, we need to make a plan on moving the economy away from wardrobes and gas, and closer to other products like jewellery, clothes, basic raw material, plantation products and all other industries (which is a bit ironic considering that gas and wardrobes are my highest quality products xD, but I can dedicate my buildings to produce other materials if I find good quality research in the market).

Smaller companies are most welcome to join. We will help you grow larger and faster with guidance and good pricing for goods, and in turn, we expect you to help other companies by dedicating part of your production (when you grow large enough) to help the economy.

If you also know some of the old players and are still in touch with them, please contact them and hopefully change their mind to get them to play the game again :D!

Thank you all and I hope a lot of you have some good ideas to suggest for the group and want to take part in helping it develop! I have listed the main aims below just to clarify our goals:

1) Primary goal of reviving the economy and increasing the production of goods and basic raw materials, and hopefully causing some shift away from gas and wardrobes.
2) Help smaller companies develop, attract new players, and try to get back old players to get back to the game and be more active.
3) Ensure fair trade between all members, and there is a good balance of profit in each trade exchange.
4) Dedicate a small portion of production and building space to produce and sell basic raw materials (glass, rubber, seeds, wood, mining products..etc) for the economy at good pricing but minimum profit to help recover the economy.

Best Regards,
Yared Group

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