[2011-07-17|23:59] Q89 Oil Research

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[2011-07-17|23:59] Q89 Oil Research

Post by jinny1 » 15.07.2011, 00:26

Starting bid 10bil
buy it now 10Bil (on the market)

minimum bid raise 100 million

[EDIT by GoldenEye: Unfortunately this is not acceptable.
You must make sure that the winner of this auction will receive the research. If you place it on the market while players bid in here you can't guarantee this anymore. So either you take your research off the research market or we stop this auction. Otherwise players risk to bid in here, maybe win the auction and don't get the research anyhow because it was bought from the market in the meantime. This would also affect your account in a very negative way (because you would not be able to send the research to the winner of this auction). So we should avoid this possible problem.
This thread is closed until you message me via PM and tell me how you decided. Thanks for your cooperation.]
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