[2010-09-30|12:00] factory 24100 in red

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[2010-09-30|12:00] factory 24100 in red

Post by bumchum » 07.09.2010, 08:00

starting price 2.5 billion
min raise 10 million
buy now for 3.5 billion
this item can not be bidded on by [xxx] as they are a time waster thank you

[EDIT by GoldenEye: You are not allowed to exclude a player from an auction! We do not tolerate any denunciation of other players in here. This is not allowed. Auction closed.]

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Post by SJMSA » 07.09.2010, 09:20


[EDIT by GoldenEye: Auction had to be closed, thus this posting became irrelevant.]