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Jong-il Corp Website

Post by Guest » 06.07.2009, 07:01

It isn't much, and I admit, I compiled this with not much effort intended; it's lack of content is mainly due to my small company size, as I grow, it grows. I just thought it'd be useful to notify people when and why their products might be delayed sometimes.


Post by Guest » 06.07.2009, 07:24

Ha! not bad, I like the list of offline products
As a point, its always better to buy a new build than try and expand old ones, it costs more to expand and also takes your production offline
Also mines/wells are always best in yellow as you get 66% extra for only a small rise in costs
Apart from that I put my orders in your sales post :D


Post by Guest » 06.07.2009, 15:08

It's a nice page, considering you're also still a small company :)

My site was pretty empty as well when I just started to play the game,
You'll have more content to add as soon as your company starts to grow :D

One thing about the content though, you have a buyer as of monday.
unless you plan on changing stuff like that every week, it'd be better to use a full date (day/month/year) rather than just "monday" :P


Post by Guest » 07.07.2009, 02:16

That was basically a slip of the keyboard where I was writing too fast and not taking that into consideration. If you see all the other lists, I do include dates too. My apologies.

Anyway, now I can delete that as I think that monday's past.


Post by Guest » 08.07.2009, 12:23

I've been, and will continue, to update this daily for as long as I'm on the game; the best offers will be on the website or through it, I won't be doing so much business over the forums.


Post by Guest » 08.07.2009, 20:20

If you're going to work through your website a lot, put the site in your signature. :)

Since you already have your company logo in your signature,
You should make that logo a link to your site. :wink:

I did the same with my signature (my company logo is clickable and linked to my site) and I got well over 100 unique visitors last month, and a total of 500 pageviews.


Post by Guest » 08.07.2009, 21:04

It works! Thanks for the advice. I had to look up the BBCode FAQ though...


Post by Guest » 08.07.2009, 22:01



Post by Guest » 02.08.2009, 23:48

Our site is grossly outdated for the moment, and to be honest, we will admit failure here and now; we fell short of the targets set for August 5th, and so we are changing our management policy to accompany emphasis on immediate-profit as a backbone initially, so that we can then engage in programs socially beneficial to the Kapilands world i.e. unusually cheap Steel or beer provided practically Gratis to the Mauritanians.

We got too ambitious too fast. It's not only embarrassing for us, but I'd imagine it has hurt your image of Jong-il corp. For that, I am saddened by, enough to come out with this statement.

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