A wardrobe producers/sellers Syndicate?

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A wardrobe producers/sellers Syndicate?

Post by Guest » 29.09.2008, 15:06

Any1 up for this idea?

A big group of member who produce and sell their wardrobes to player who buy them and sell @ stores???


Post by Guest » 29.09.2008, 17:49

would be nice to have some institution to help us raise wardrobes price. however wardrobes is such a huge business we would need lot of members. big ones. i myself will have, when my shop expansions are finished, about 13% market share in turkey 8) so count me in


Post by Guest » 30.09.2008, 16:43

Sweet that makes 2 :)
I am mostly a producers, but have also about 25.000m2 in shops.

Currently making also about 350k wardrobes a day.
So a price increasment would benefit me :)
Think this will be great for a certain amount of producers.
1) Wardrobe producers, more benefits for selling.
2) Wood producers, higher wardrobe price means higher price for Q wood
3) Steel producers, higher wardrobe price means higher price for Q steel
4) Power producers, wardrobe business cost a lot of power ;)
5) Wardrobe shop sellers.

So if we get more members we might be able to get the prices of wardrobes to skyrocket :D


Post by Guest » 27.02.2010, 02:21

I would be interested in helping with this in realm2.

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