Realm1 Petrol Union (RPU) registration

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Realm1 Petrol Union (RPU) registration

Post by Guest » 07.07.2008, 19:34

Post here if you wanna join the union so we could raise the pricing. Include your company details and your daily retail sales.

Varg AB, founder of RPU.


Post by Guest » 07.07.2008, 19:37

I ll start 8)

Company: Varg AB
Industry: 100% gas retail
Sale space: 50 million units once my expansions end in the next week or so.
Current retail price: About 45+q depending on quality.
Current warehouse totals: 150mil gas in stock


Post by Guest » 07.07.2008, 19:59

Company name:BBC1 Corp
Industry: 50% Gas Retailer
Sale Space: 1 million Units
Current Retail Price: 40+q
Current Warehouse totals: 1.2 million gas in stock



Post by Guest » 07.07.2008, 20:07

Company: God Bless You
Industry: 90% gas retail
10% oil&gas produce
Sale space: 850 K units
Current retail price: About 39+q
Current warehouse totals: 4mil gas in stock


Post by Guest » 07.07.2008, 20:36

Company : Steel Holding
Industry : Oil / Steel / Gas PRODUCTION
Production : Gas 20% / Oil 1M Barel / day

Current Oil Prices : 80+Q

If you need a weller to help you, i'm here ;)

suppliers inc
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Post by suppliers inc » 07.07.2008, 20:49

Hello all,
I am selling what i call a gas startup package. You will get everything you need to get started in the gas business except for the wells. I am selling my oil research Q35, gas research Q44, 5-1500m2 factories in red, and 3-2000m2 gas stations in Germany. Please IGM me (suppliers inc.) with a REASONABLE offer
Company Name: Suppliers Inc.


Post by Guest » 07.07.2008, 21:49

APCE Production

Gas production and sales
Sell only in France

Sell 2 million q30 gas per day at 83.5 per gas (yesterday)
53.5+q each

1/42 of all market share in France, and growing.


Post by Guest » 07.07.2008, 22:17

Company: mork
Industry: 30% gas retail - 50% gas and oil production - 20% other
Sale space: 2.533.000 units per day
Current retail price: 37+Q
Current in warehouse : 36mil gas in stock
Q 20 Q 21 Q 22

and growing
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Post by Guest » 07.07.2008, 23:40

Company: Green Leaf
Industry: 33.3% Gas Production 66.6% Gas Retail
Sale space: 1.2 million units per day
Current retail price: 40+q
Current in warehouse : None, but 1.2 million in my stores (over 36 hours :wink:)

Steel, I would like some oil. Please IGM me. I need around 180k barrels daily and growing.


Post by Guest » 08.07.2008, 00:14

company name: Ajs gas company
industry: 75% gas
sale space: 5mil will be 7.5mil in a few days
current retail price: 37+Q depends on quality
Current in warehouse 150mil


Post by Guest » 08.07.2008, 04:29

Industry: 50% gas retail and 50% gas/oil production
Sale space: 1 million units
Current retail price: About 58@20q.
Current warehouse totals: 2.5mil gas in stock


Post by Guest » 08.07.2008, 09:30

So here's our current market share:
Total gas on the market: ca 350mil
RPU so far: about 65mil

If we get most of the big retailers on board I think we can get up to the 200-250mil mark pretty quick. So go tell your friends! Once we have a big market share we can really push the price.


Post by Guest » 08.07.2008, 12:12

Company: Exalis Corporation
Industry: 75% Gas production; 20% Stone production; 5% Other

Production capacity: 4 million units, after expansions
Current warehouse stock: 10 million
Quality: 9 - 17
Selling price: 30 + 1Q


Post by Guest » 08.07.2008, 13:32

Purple Rain Inc

sale capacity 1,6 mil (Turkey) + 300k (Germany) + 212,5k(France)=
total of = 2,025 mil/day

warehouse: 12 mil

retail price 37 + q


Post by Guest » 09.07.2008, 13:50


Company: CUVEE
Industry: 80% gas retail, + Oil (q15) + Stones produccion + Wood +Power + ...

Sale space: 3.000.000 Gas All at Germany

Current retail price: Q17 $ 57

Current warehouse totals: no stock

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