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Post by Guest » 31.07.2007, 11:13

Wow,indonesian players..come and join our forum at http://kapi.freeforums.org/


Post by Guest » 07.08.2007, 14:25

please dont follow the link provided by the previous post, as KDI teams preparing our own Global-KDI forum.

Many Thanks :D


Post by Guest » 31.01.2008, 05:04

Hi, i want to join...

Company Name : Offensive
Core Business : Cabriolet, TV, Golden Watch, Water, Cattle
Office : Germany
Level : Large Scale Manufacturer
Real Office : Jakarta

:wink: :wink: :wink:


wanna join

Post by Guest » 01.02.2008, 20:26

I would also want to join

Cash: 4,533,188.34


Post by Guest » 31.03.2008, 03:08

Rich and Famous

Jual Kayu alias pembalak liar :)

msh baru sih...baru tanem puun jati 100 hektar neehhh

hehehehe :oops:

tp realm 2 wkakakakak ada yg maen gak di serper baru .... apa pindah serper lama aja yah???


Post by Guest » 31.03.2008, 12:03

aku juga dari indonesia. Aku bisa bikin forum buat kamu kalo mau.

Cash: 143,703,791.99