Chemicals market

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Chemicals market

Post by Guest » 25.12.2007, 16:05

So i was thinking that it would be good to raise chemicals price a bit. I suggest the price would be no less than 31 + 1*q per unit. The reasoning for this price is the following:

1. The basic price

If you build your factory you expect it to return the construction costs in a certain amount of time. This is called return of investment or simply ROI. So, if you want your ROI to be 6 days you should make 33k pure profit every day. I set example of roi to be 6 days because that is what is the ROI of a plantation producing q0 wood. At businessman level you can produce 1645 chemicals per day in a factory with 2 employees (in red, which has 25% higher production and almost no bigger production costs than factory in green. This means that when you will start expanding it will have better investment/profit ratio), so each unit of chemicals should earn you 33000/1645 = 20 caps per unit. If you buy minerals for 10 and add the production costs of 0.5 + power it makes it 31.

2. Quality increase

Chemicals can be used in producing steel, drugstore products, glass and plastic. Plastic is not our main interest here because it offers the smallest increase per quality and we want to earn the most we can, don't we ;)

Consisting of 3 products (+ glass research) it is mainly used in televisions. Televisions are sold at 50*q increase, consist of 4 products and use 1.5 glass. So if we want to raise TV quality by one we would have to increase glass quality by 5 which means raising chemicals quality by 20. Since 1 glass uses 1 chemicals, a tv needs 1.5 chemicals. That means every 20 steps of quality are worth 50/1.5=33.3, or every increase in chemicals quality is worth 1.67 caps.

(Yes there are more drugstore products but we will limit ourselves to toothpastes which sell the most)
Toothpastes sell at 1*q quality increase. They are made of 3 products and require 0.1 chemicals. Each step of quality here is worth 2.5 caps per chemicals quality.

One of the most important uses of quality steel is in wardrobes, which sell at 50*q increase. 5 steel per wardrobe (3 products), 0.5 chems per steel (4 products), meaning we need 20q chems for 1q wardrobes and 2.5 chemicals per wardrobe. Each quality is worth 1 caps per unit of chemicals.

All the prices for final products are the prices at which the retailers buy them from manufacturers. They sell in their stores for higher increases per quality which means the actual chemicals quality is worth more than what I calculated.


Post by Guest » 09.01.2008, 15:58

with the increasing rate of mineral costs im pretty much forced to start using higher prices than the 20+quality pricing i been using.

That kinda sucks imo tho, i rather sell to a fair price and making some out of it myself. At the moment this cant be done tho, not in the rates im intrested in anyway.