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Post by Guest » 10.09.2010, 07:20

For the record, I accepted the contracts and haven't recieved any since.

*takes on asian voice* Me no like. Meee no liiike. :mrgreen:


Post by Guest » 08.11.2010, 20:07

NYK wrote:It could be someone that speaks very little english, whenever i've had contracts like that without a IGM first it's always tended to be someone that can barely respond to my IGM to ask why they keep sending contracts.
Might be, might not.

I am not a native speaker of English, neither Spanish, Swedish nor French (absolutely not in this case) - though I am playing a version of another browsergame using exactly these languages (not French). Swedish which I am just reactivating I do apologize for me using English to make sure I am understood - I do unterstand a lot more than I can use (as most people do learning a foreign language).

If I do not speak a language at all, it does NOT mean I can feel fre to be as inpolite as I want. Either I start learning the basics of the used language (or something similar) or I leave it...

Sorry guys, I am German, might be a bit strict on this, but thats my opinion.


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