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Post by Guest » 18.08.2009, 18:12

Hello there every electronic producer, retailer, seller, and buyers! I made thsi group so maybe I can get 5-7 people to join in Realm 1 to post here whats new and our goals. Now, this group is about working together to improve electronic's prices. As you can see, TVs take a lot of time to sell in stores, and we are here to change that and raise prices. Here are the group's goals, and I am posting them because anyone who wants to join must help achieve these goals:

1) Raise the prices of TV in France and Turkey.

2) Exchange of electronic goods between our group, and I'm talking that we should trade electronics with members only who are in this group in-order to save our production from the wrong hands who want to drop prices.

3) Establish an electronic selling empire over Europe.

4) Try and find suppliers for elements of electronics.

5) Establish an electronic trading group full of members who want to discuss about electronic quality, prices, supply, and other information.

Now, in this group, we will assign each member with a duty. For example, I am responsible for watching the stats each day and studying demand and supply and prices of all area over Europe. Other members will be assigned to recruit members and researching high quality electronic researches. Also, some members will be responsible for buying electronic shops in Europe and will be responsible for the buying and selling of electronics(members will make profit and at the same time raise prices electronic prices and stable the prices). Here are the prices we should buy electronics for:

Televisions: 2050+50 per q.

Computers: 1900+50 per q.



Note: For unknown prices, I am hoping some members would suggest prices. Also, if you find the prices above too high or too low, please IGM me or post here with a suggestion of a price.[/b]


Post by Guest » 31.08.2009, 20:47

Up. We achieved our goal in France!


Post by Guest » 31.08.2009, 23:29

whos actually in this with you?


Post by Guest » 01.09.2009, 07:08

There are currently 2 members in hiding not postring here :).


Post by Guest » 01.09.2009, 15:54


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