[off-topic] Moving from Wardrobes to Cabriolets, a 2 year transformation

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[off-topic] Moving from Wardrobes to Cabriolets, a 2 year transformation

Post by Guest » 08.12.2017, 12:48

In 2015 I was one of the wealthiest players on server 1, topping 2 trillion in cash at some points - this wealth was amassed entirely through the production and sale of Wardrobes. Many other players got in to the game of selling these around the same time as me, players like Wardrobes BV, who are now equally as wealthy.

After a couple of years of building up a Wardrobes business, meeting my contracts on time every 2 weeks and slowly becoming more wealthy I decided to try out some new businesses, ones with variety where vertical integration would be challenging and which would require more day-to-day management rather than simply logging in every couple of weeks to refresh my joineries. I tried out chemicals, farming, perfumes, etc. Finally, I settled on the manufacture of Cabriolets.

It's taken me 2 years to get to where I am now with a fleet of Car Factories, Factories, Mines, Plantations, Textile Factories, Electronics Factories, etc, as well as all of the qualities to maintain them.

As of this month, I am now churning out around 900,000 Cabriolets per week with an average quality of 36 (technologies take a long time, and there's a big lead time between beginning production cycles in certain buildings) which sell for around 140 billion caps at mid-expense time in the car dealerships, with a profit margin of around 50 billion caps (30%) on those vehicles.

If you were looking for your next business, get in contact with me, this would be a good time to build dealerships and forge a relationship with me, as I expect to have to sell off around 40% of my production per week to other players.

If you're looking for advice on moving in to the car production industry, where to prioritise first, etc, get in contact. My proof of concept was just a small handful of 20m2 buildings when I started, so it's not overly complex to get in to (though, I would recommend 10 million caps in cash first, this industry is pretty heavy on the upfront capital expenditure)

P.S. Contact me in-game, I'm "Unity Incorporated", ID 72359


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