You need a banner? *Closed for the moment*

Here you can find conversation partners. Maybe they can even help you create a new banner or solve any other problems.

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You need a banner? *Closed for the moment*

Post by Guest » 12.02.2007, 13:58

Since I found out how much fun banner-creation is, I want (to try) to create banners for other players.
If you would like to have a banner, just post here or write an igm, and tell me what you would imagine for your banner.

Waiting list:
Phoenix Oil
Electro Tech Industries
Brightlance Enterprise

How you get your banner in the signature:
Upload it, then write [img]link[/img] in your normal signature. If the link is correct, the banner will appear in your signature :wink:

Edit(16.2): In the moment I have no internet at home, means I can't create any banners. All who are on the waiting list will have to wait some days more...
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Post by Guest » 12.02.2007, 15:27

Company name :N.P.F.A
Slogan:Oil Power & GAS
Special Wishes:Make it atrractive

please make banner for me


Post by Guest » 12.02.2007, 16:00

Phoenix Oil wrote:Can I have a banner please?

Company Name: Phoenix Oil
Slogan: Member of I.O.T.S
Special Wishes: make it cool 8)

Thanks :D


Post by Guest » 12.02.2007, 16:57

How do you like this:

Please post criticism and suggestions, it's my first banner for other users.


Post by Guest » 12.02.2007, 21:09

txt Lotr.

*gives 2 thumbs up*

Electro Tech

Post by Electro Tech » 14.02.2007, 21:05

I want a banner !!!
Id like it blue ... and black :D
Maybe some lightnings or sumthin with power :D
Txt should be em ... Electro Tech Industries :D maybe some good txt bout sellin power or sumthin :D

Thx mate


Re: You need a banner?

Post by Guest » 16.02.2007, 07:29

hi i want a banner for my company.
i want to have something about mafia and mobwars, do you know what i mean? just make it beautifull! :twisted:

Company: Manosex
Cash: 3.400.000


Post by Guest » 16.02.2007, 09:13

I want 1 too please

Main Text :Brightlance Enterprise [Comic sans MC] [Font ~ 20] [Light Blue]
Background :id like it to have a tropical theme of red orange and black and with 2 tropical trees on the left side and right side
2nd text : We'll try to give you our best [Font ~ 14] [Light Blue] [Comic sans MC]