We Regret to inform kapilands...

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We Regret to inform kapilands...

Post by Guest » 21.08.2007, 22:12

im sorry to say that i will be moving in about 10 days from California to another state, were probably going to end up in Arkansas cause were going towards around Oklahoma where land is cheaper then out here lol.

i will be coming back to kapilands, but it might be about a month before you see me again. i calculated that with my power plants i make 974,436 power every 24 hours, im going to set it to do production for 30 days.
719 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds lol. that will mean when i log on next time their is internet i will have produced 29,233,080 power. not bad considering i'll have 3 power plants each producing that same number. close to 100,000,000 powaaaaah lol.

but yeah, im sad to say i won't be able to play kapilands much after the 26th of august, i just want to let everyone know in advance in case some one starts thinking i quit this great game, * uh! never! lol*

anyway, to all my customers i would like to apologize for any inconveniences this may cause, but this would be my 1 week notice to find a new supplier.

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Post by Tycoon » 23.08.2007, 16:09

Oh, I regret to hear that...

Take care @ScottyPenatilliIndustries ;-)


Post by Guest » 23.08.2007, 19:48

i promise to give a farewell before i unplug my computer =) lol

this will be the second time I've temporarily left kapi due to moving, if only their were people who maintain the houses i live in after i hand them rent lol


Post by Guest » 23.08.2007, 23:08

well at least you give them the rent my great grandma has 4 trailer houses and has 2 people living in them and she hasnt gotten rent for 2 months now i told her that i can take a lawn mower to there car tires or even a screw driver :twisted: but she thinks that there are less violent ways :wink: :roll:


Post by Guest » 24.08.2007, 08:04

i dunno if your in united states or not, but she can give them a 30 day notice to pay or get out, then after that she can issue a court date to have them legaly evicted =)


Post by Guest » 24.08.2007, 12:01

ya im in the US but i think that is what she is doing


Post by Guest » 30.08.2007, 20:38

turns out the court date is going to be on 9-11-07, yes the same date as the twin towers, my mom said now she doesn't want to go in case they decide to bomb the court house lol.

anyway, my doors will be open for about another 2 weeks as far as i know.

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