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Postby TH3PR0 » 05.10.2011, 11:55

How many CPU's would i need to get on the top100

I have 1500cpu's is that enough to get a contest certificate?

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VerConMat Industries BV
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Postby VerConMat Industries BV » 05.10.2011, 14:30

That's hard to say, you should take a look at the contest stats (stats tab on top of the screen, then 'contest' in the left menu) to see how many E-Components there are on the 100th spot.
Chances are it's only 1 E-Component, as a lot of people wait until the last minute before they put in their goods,
you won't really be able to tell the minimum amount that you need until the very last second.

Though if you have CPU's, I'm afraid that you have got the wrong product to begin with..
The contest is for E-Components, which is made using Silicon and Power..