My transition from realm 1 to realm 2 | Unity

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My transition from realm 1 to realm 2 | Unity

Post by Guest » 08.12.2010, 16:02

Ok, basically i finally decided to go ahead and join Realm 2 properly yesterday, and i'm not taking the easier route in my growth either, i'm going straight into wardrobes, as i don't want it to be the same as R1 (where i produce gas and oil in large quantities, how boring.)

basically, my current stats are:

Unity Wardrobes
Cash: 132,832.00

Posts: 140
Joined: 01.10.2010, 19:19

Post by sebzeci » 08.12.2010, 17:26

I can buy your wood from npc price. But I don't need seeds or cotton.
Company Name :sebzeci (Realm 1 & 2)


Post by Guest » 08.12.2010, 17:41

then ill change my produce to wood, it won't be a lot at first, but it will grow ^^

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