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Post by Guest » 10.05.2010, 17:07

And not in the positive acception.
Why the hell do people on kapilands like to ignore messages? I mean, I write mostly to people with poor production to propose contracts, so I suppose that they don't receive that much crap not to notice mine, and I don't think that the 90% of them don't understand english. So why don't they answer? A polite NO I HATE YOU ST*PID MAFIOSO ITALIAN is better than nothing!

Effing rude people. I'd stick education up your a*s if I could.


Post by Guest » 10.05.2010, 17:11

agree :D

they ignore me, don't know why :lol:


Post by Guest » 10.05.2010, 17:32

Some people ignore everything, some people don't, sometimes i scan through my messages when i log on and forget to reply to something and remember a day or so later. :)


Post by Guest » 10.05.2010, 17:37

But you're NYK. A big. And you never ignored me.


Post by Guest » 10.05.2010, 17:42

I try never to ignore anybody however my memory unless i reply straight away can let me down sometimes, i do think with some people though there is a language barrier, some try to get round it some just ignore what they don't understand, i have replied to people before that have IGM'd in Danish and French with a bit of help from google translate. :D


Post by Guest » 10.05.2010, 17:49

I don't understand how people can play this kind of games without basic knowledge of the language. If I'd try to play kapi in german I wouldn't go past the registration form. And writing in english isn't all that difficult, at least if you only want the others to understand what you're trying to say (I'm a low level english writer but you understand what I write, don't you).


Post by Guest » 10.05.2010, 17:55

I just about got past the registration form on Welt6 managed to log in and got to a picture of a desk and thats as far as i got translate stopped working at that point, i don't think there's anything you've IGM'd that i've not understood, your basic English is far better than some of the messages i get from English/British people.


Post by Guest » 10.05.2010, 17:58

Well good for me :)


Post by Guest » 10.05.2010, 20:13

Dios wrote:I don't understand how people can play this kind of games without basic knowledge of the language. ...
Kapilands realy is more about math and planning (and patience) not language. Maybe they have no choice play in theyr language and because choose english servers.

About ignoring messages, well I ignoring sometimes also when I no interested in subject or price is just wrong.


Post by Guest » 10.05.2010, 21:03

The new German realms don't operate like the current one (different interface) and you HAVE to do the tutorial and my translator doesn't work for the statements. I then forgot my passwords.


Post by Guest » 15.07.2010, 18:17

I think the German Welts are terrible compared to the British Kapilands. I'm lucky that I speak a little German anyway and my translator does work.

I stopped playing Welt 6 because I didn't understand the whole set up.


Post by Guest » 06.08.2010, 19:16

i did german for 1 year, well i was in a class that was doign german for 1 year i didnt listen, but even i could work out what a person was trying to say to me in a message regardign buildings or products.

How hard can it be for them to reply,

Also welt6 is easy to understand i cnat speak german but i sjut guessed and got it write first time, its basically the same as realm1/2 on kapilands, apart from a few new buildings, products and layout, but you soon ge tused to that.


Post by Guest » 07.08.2010, 07:08

I was going to say that some people want to learn on their own or may be woried of scams because they've not learnt the game yet and therefore don't reply. But on the other hand, that isn't a good enough reason to not reply. eh. A simple 'no thanks' would suffice.

Ah well, it's nothing to get upset about.


Post by Guest » 09.08.2010, 11:37

For me, it depends on the kind of message they send. Sometimes it's just 1 line which says, "I want to buy your xxxxxxx for yyy", without a salutation or decent title. :? Sometimes I ignore those, depending on how busy I am.


Post by Guest » 09.08.2010, 12:00

I agree with that, sjohie. Completely.

I've had at least 10 companies send me messages after purchasing my goods on the market, with 'direct contract to me all steel Q0 for 130 each' as an example.

Number one, I've not, at any point, said I wish to start regular contracts... Two, I don't even know the company, I might have bought their market offers before, but besides that, who are they? and Three, if you're hoping that I dedicate my services to forfilling your company needs, perhaps a slightly more polite request would be better than a one line 'servant command' would help.

All the companies I work closely with find the time in their busy day, to start with 'hello' and end with 'kind regards'... It doesn't take them much effort, and they a reply.

As a final word, don't expect replies from everybody. I've had companies reply to me with 'I just want to play without chatting, worrying about regular contract arrangements, or spending my time replying, so please dont bother me again. thankyou'.

It's perfectly fair... Not everyone wants to play by the method that you've grown accustomed to.

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