Welcome to players from all around the world

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Where do you live?

Germany / Austria / Switzerland
United Kingdom / Irish Republic
The Netherlands / Belgium / Luxemburg
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other European Country
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Welcome to players from all around the world

Post by Guest » 24.01.2007, 05:40

Welcome at "Kapilands".

You should know that this game is running some years only in a German version.
Now it's going to conquer the world - and it would be nice knowing where new players come from and maybe something more about them.
Tell it to the community in this thread, please.

Thank you.


Post by Guest » 24.01.2007, 05:48

My my, Im the first one to hit this thread?

My name is Sean, and I live in the USA. Saw a random advertisement for this game, and thought I would try it out. So far im enjoying it.


Post by Guest » 24.01.2007, 05:49

I'm Mike McThunderwolf.
I was born and grew up in Berlin (Germany), but "my heart is in the Highlands". :wink:
D.o.B. Dec.14, 1951
Occupation: civil servant
Interests: American Football, Heavy Metal, Medieval feasts and music, having fun with friends
Company's name: McThunderwolf Inc (in all versions of this game)

Moderator off duty
Posts: 1911
Joined: 21.01.2007, 11:04

Post by Tycoon » 24.01.2007, 08:03

Hi and a warm welcome to everybody new in this game :-)

I come from Germany and also play the German versions of Kapiland. I am also known under the nick GAST65, especially in the chat.

And I am looking forward to meeting people from everywhere in the world :-)


Post by Guest » 24.01.2007, 17:53

I am Jarkko and I come from Finland.

This game is awesome :D


Post by Guest » 26.01.2007, 16:44

HI, I'm Harry and it seems i'm the first one from the UK =D

Same as that other guy; saw a random ad and thought I'd give it a try. Seems great =)


Post by Guest » 26.01.2007, 16:48

Im Jake and I'm also from the UK, London to be presise :D

A friend told me about the game, and i think its kinda fun :P

Occupation - student, alcoholic, party animal, internet addict :lol:

Interests - Cars, girls and booze (i know so orignal, but its true :lol: )

In like to post alot, and when I play a game im very active and very determined 8)


Post by Guest » 28.01.2007, 18:49

im Fl


Post by jake678 » 02.02.2007, 02:17

Hi my name is Jake and I'm from the United States,
I also saw a random advertisment on another game I play and thought I'd give it a try.
I am fourteen years old :D


Post by Guest » 02.02.2007, 06:48

Sup, my name is: Scotty

i am 17 years old, getting a car this month.

i live in and was born in California, currently living in the sacramento area.

i love to get wasted but my gf hates it cause she can't get drunk with me, so haven't been drunk in 5 months lol.

i like archery, and airsoft guns. Japanese drifting(i love nissan skylines)

i started playing this game about 10 days ago, got my bro to play but his acc got locked so im rubbing it in his face lol.

i love to type, and learn everything i can about what im doing, im vary active and online gaming is second nature to me.
i saw an ad for this game on another game i play, which makes this #8 in how many games im currently active in atm.


Post by Guest » 05.02.2007, 01:18

Why is Asia not on the poll options? :p

My name is Nika, I'm 21 and currently taking up Business Management in a Uni. I'm from Philippines, and like most of the people who has posted already, I found a link to this site somewhere, most probably another game or forum. XD


Post by Guest » 05.02.2007, 05:49

Nice, its rare to see people from the philippines online, welcome to Kapilands =) and may your business have a profetable future.



Post by Guest » 05.02.2007, 20:57

New York City here!
Kapilands seems like a lot of fun...
so far, so good!


Post by Guest » 05.02.2007, 21:22

Hi, i


Post by Guest » 07.02.2007, 19:00

I have already a small small poor company in the german version
very small... very poor *rofl*

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