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Post by Guest » 22.08.2007, 13:02

well, friends, I'm not a beginner, but I have to ask you something...

I've bought some shares, but I don't know how they work. Can you tell me please?

where is the profit?

the prices haven't changed from tomorrow.

ok, thanks bye

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Post by Myth » 22.08.2007, 14:04

this is a questoin i have been asking myself as well, i bout 100,000 shares of (something cant remember wut it wuz) and i kept them for 2 weeks and nothing changed :?
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Post by Guest » 22.08.2007, 15:13

ya.....share prices will never change and it didn't work good.

the only thing it work is it will reduce your money to set amount whenever you resell your shares. :P


Post by Guest » 23.08.2007, 10:15

Stoch exchange is worthless, don't use it ;)

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Post by Tycoon » 23.08.2007, 12:03

Tycoon wrote:The stock exchange is not exactly figured out respectively
balanced in this version of the game... therefore it does not really bring profit. This has to be re-worked... but only in a future version, not in this one.
as there are only few players using the shares... prices do not really change fast


Post by Guest » 23.08.2007, 12:13

So if all the managers nad higher start buying the shares actually go up?


Post by Guest » 23.08.2007, 23:55

or down i suppose?


Post by Guest » 24.08.2007, 02:12

they would go up


Post by Guest » 24.08.2007, 04:03

*shrug* i was alluding to another thread a few weeks ago where someone claimed that the stock prices dropped.

Of course when i searched it i discovered myself trolling that thread too :oops:


Post by Guest » 07.09.2007, 07:03

:? Why i can see any different witth the share price butt when i buy it is 0.8xx for kapitimes and sell for0.6xxx ,Where this number came from ,why i can't see tthe price of each share?

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