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--- FAQ-archive collection - only for the FAQ-archive! ---

Post by GoldenEye » 02.05.2010, 16:45

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server reset stats time.

Post by Guest » 16.01.2011, 05:38

good day,

I have try to find that answer for days now by using various search keyword such as stats , stats reset,server reset and such ... and the result are no where near the answer needed.

1) superior topic / FAQ archive
2) link to the existing thread with that topic / non existent to my knowledge.
3) the question itself / What time does the server do the calculation of the stats ? ( on kapi-regnum the server shut down for 10 min at midnight server time to do the calculation and u cant log in to the game during that period... i never noticed such a thing on kapilands.)
4) the correct answer (if possible) / no idea :(

Thanks in advance and sorry if the answer exist somewhere but i didnt find it .... i realy searched hard for it tho ...

[EDIT by GoldenEye: I added your question (including the answer) to the FAQ archive now.
:arrow: Just to show how we could have solved it in this case:
1) General questions about the game --- basics (you could also think about a new thread just about stats but not for just one answer ;) )
2) http://www.forum.kapilands.com/viewtopic.php?t=23926
3) When does the server update the stats?
4) The server updates the stats every day at ~03:00 am. You can continue playing during that time, the server does not have to be closed during that process.]

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