--------- Welcome to the FAQ-Archive! -----------

Please check this section first before posting.
Here you can find answers to most of the basic questions about Kapilands.

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--------- Welcome to the FAQ-Archive! -----------

Post by GoldenEye » 02.05.2010, 10:23

Hello dear Kapilanders!

Welcome to our FAQ-archive!
Lots and lots of questions and - that is more important - answers can be found here. This shall be a small section of pure information for all players, especially for the new ones in here.
We tried to answer most of the basic questions players usually have.

Do you have got a question?
We have got several threads in this section that each has one particular topic. You can scroll up and down the FAQ-archive and then click on each thread and read trough it. You will certainly be enlightend then. ;)
You can also just pick out one particular thread that you think fits best to your question. Then you can check the "index" which is listed in each thread and simply click on the question you want to get answered.
Using this section should be really simple.

Please use it, read in it and help others when they have got similar questions. :)

This FAQ-archive is still in progress. We can always add questions and answers to the threads. Thereby we want to improve the archive steadily, always keep it actual and fresh.
In order to keep this section clean it is a "reading only"-section.
If you want to add something that you think is a usual question that gets asked frequently and has to do with the general basics of this game, please use this "FAQ-archive collection"-thread. Please post your idea in there, don't forget to give an answer, too. :)

And last but not least we would like to thank all those players that worked on the first rough draft of a question-collection. We took your ideas into consideration and hope you can see that we were able to take some of them into the archive. We are sorry that we were not able to say "Thanks" in each posting in the FAQ-archive, mostly because it would have been too much work to filter who the entire author is. We tried to work out a basic FAQ-archive first before we added your ideas in a second step.
That's why here is a "Thank you very much!" too all of you; additionally we do not risk to forget somebody. :)

And now enjoy our stunning FAQ-knowledge! :D
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