The game is almost totally lifeless

Ideas how the game could be improved and suggestions for subsequent versions of the game. (this is just a space for ideas! We can't guarantee suggestions will be implemented!)

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The game is almost totally lifeless

Postby BritishInternational » 05.12.2012, 17:34

Hi, I know on here just mentioning the words "Realm Three" is pretty much asking for a cyber-kicking here... so I have come up with a different suggestion.

When I started to play Kapilands (about 3 or 4 years ago) it was a brilliant game where profit was only made by players who really knew what to do and, on a side note, you could buy Wood, Power, Water, Stones and Steel for less than the pointless Communist/Socialist Republic prices we have on here. Now there is no challenge, but nevermind, that means we can all have what we would call in the UK: 'a piss about'.

Anyway, my suggestion was for more advertisements all over the internet. I NEVER see a Kapilands advert when I'm just surfing the net these days, whereas 3 or 4 years ago the web was literally crawling, littered with these adverts for the game! That's how I heard of Kapilands... through looking for a guitar tab on Ultimate-Guitar.

So my suggestion is (since you make a fortune from 'coins' sales): Advertise more - the game is boring, and it's really just down to the faithful few. Nobody can deny this. It's not a patch on what it once was. :)


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Re: The game is almost totally lifeless

Postby NYK » 05.12.2012, 18:51

You know 3+ years we've had to put up with your moaning, every now and then we get a little break and then you're back.. moaning again.. you're going to make someone a fantastic wife one day.. :P