[Production] - Limit extended

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[Production] - Limit extended

Postby SPB Corp. » 02.09.2011, 08:39


I am not sure that my suggestion will be granted as the game has not evoluted since my very first day.

I like to increase our production limit over 1 billion. Effectively, the production format contains maximum : 9 digits.

I like to get 10 digits.

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RE: Production Limit

Postby tomdarocker » 26.10.2011, 10:37

Yes, this is very good idea! please! i've expanded my power plants to big and now i must type 999999999 twice a day because they finish so quickly!
one more digit would make all the difference!!
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Postby VerConMat Industries BV » 26.10.2011, 16:03

You must not have been paying a lot of attention if you think the game hasn't evolved since you've been playing.
One very easy (and similar!) example: the amount of raw materials that the NPC sells was increased a few times as the players got bigger. :P

As for the idea itself: For power plants I can definitely see a point, mine aren't even that big and I always end up with 999999999 as well.

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Re: [Production] - Limit extended

Postby xxshifterxx » 16.04.2012, 02:47

lol In Germany NINE NINE NINE is like saying NO NO NO lolz

Am I the only one who picked up on that? Or am I too evolved?
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Re: [Production] - Limit extended

Postby lolzer » 16.04.2012, 17:32

Part of me thinks changing the production limit is harder than it sounds. The German version has been around for like 5-6 years and someone has bound to have maxed out power plants before and had the same problem. I think the coding problem might be similar to that of the 32767m2 building limit

The raw material increase didn't require much work as you could already offer more power before hand. That doesn't change the game mechanics as Upjers probably has a separate program running NPC.

Plus haven't you heard Upjers is letting Kapilands die :)

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Re: [Production] - Limit extended

Postby xxshifterxx » 16.04.2012, 20:33

If the mulla was rolling in they would think twice.Thats probably why they have not started a third realm.

No one wants to play a game where someone has won already everything. Thats why they invented inflation so people keep going to work.

Ever play a game that was so hard that after you use the cheat codes and win you just don't play anymore? I think its something like that.

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